Elvis Star Austin Butler Lost Golden Opportunity To Star in $1.4 Billion Tom Cruise Mega-Classic

Elvis Star Austin Butler Lost Golden Opportunity To Star in $1.4 Billion Tom Cruise Mega-Classic
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Austin Butler completely surprised fans with his work in Elvis as the actor quite literally became the iconic singer. The movie not only got an Oscar nomination for Best Movie but, Butler also got a nomination for Best Actor. His performance as the singer had been powerful, to say the least, and he very quickly became a massively renowned name throughout the Hollywood industry.

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Austin Butler as Elvis

A similar instance took place for Miles Teller. While the actor already was a big actor before his role in Top Gun: Maverick, it was not until the movie alongside Tom Cruise that he saw fame beyond compare. His role as ‘Rooster’ completely managed to steal the show in various parts of the movie and he stood out even if Cruise was an enigmatic figure next to him.

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Miles Teller And Austin Butler Wanted Each Other’s Roles

Even though both Miles Teller and Austin Butler sit well with their roles as Rooster/ Bradley Bradshaw and Elvis in Top Gun: Maverick and Elvis, they were not the casting director’s first choices. Butler had made it quite far into the audition process for Tom Cruise’s movie but was rejected for the role. He was told that for the role of Rooster, he was too young. Ultimately Teller took up the role and needless to say, he did an incredible job.

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On the other hand, when the role of Elvis was up for grabs, both Teller and Butler auditioned for the role. The Divergent actor wanted to try out for the movie just as The Shannara Chronicles actor was trying out for the Top Gun sequel. In an ironic fashion, Butler became their ideal choice and both of them fit into their roles like puzzle pieces. It was almost as if these roles were made for them. Once both the actors stepped into their roles, there was no denying that Butler could not have done Teller’s job and Teller could not have done Butler’s.


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Fans Admire The Perfect Balance For The Two Actors

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Miles Teller

Seeing that both Miles Teller and Austin Butler could have switched roles, this idea of an alternate reality surprised fans. They were thankful to get the versions of the characters that they got with both Rooster and Elvis. They both completely nailed their roles and it was very quickly established that no one could have done it better.



It has brought about the idea to fans of how the perfect balance was set with both of them. Neither failed and both succeeded in their own way with the best possible outcome. Both movies got nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and both got ample recognition to make them marvelous movies.

Top Gun: Maverick is streaming on Paramount+, while Elvis is available on HBO Max.


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