Emilia Clarke Wants Fans to Use the Magic Word After Her Miserable Experience That Came With Game of Thrones Fame

Emilia Clarke wants her fans to approach her nicely with a nice gesture rather than heckling which ruins the moment.

Emilia Clarke Wants Fans to Use the Magic Word After Her Miserable Experience That Came With Game of Thrones Fame


  • 'Game of Thrones' star Emilia Clarke had a harrowing incident with a fan at an airport.
  • The actor said she was on the phone with her mother at the moment while having a panic attack.
  • Clarke said there are nice ways to approach for a selfie or an autographs and she appreciates nice requests.
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Emilia Clarke rose to fame after her appearance and splendid performance in the Max series Game of Thrones. Clarke’s character Daenerys Targaryen was an instant hit but with popularity, there comes the pain of tolerating some fans who will not hesitate to give a hard time.

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Clarke had several unfortunate encounters with fans that troubled the actor. While she is akin to meeting fans and appreciates those who approach her nicely, some behavior is beyond tolerance. The actor candidly shared the bizarre incident later.


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Emilia Clarke Had A Bizzare Experience With A Fan

Emilia Clarke joined the MCU in Secret Invasion
Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion

Following her appearance in Game of Thrones and her popularity, the actor has faced several encounters with fans that didn’t go well for her. But Emilia Clarke will never forget one incident in particular when a fan approached her for a selfie at a time when she was having a panic attack. Speaking with Jessie Ware on the Table Manners podcast, the actor shared the incident in great detail:


“I was genuinely walking through an airport and I suddenly started having what I can only believe to be a panic attack brought on by complete exhaustion. I was on my own, I was on the phone to my mum saying, ‘I feel like I can’t breathe, I don’t know what’s going on’ I’m there and the tears are coming out. I’m crying and crying, this guy’s like, ‘Can I get a selfie?’ And I was like, ‘I can’t breathe, I’m really sorry. Just having a minute.’ It was after a few moments like that where I was like, ‘I don’t know how to do this.’”

For Clarke, it was a harrowing experience she will never forget in life. She almost reconsidered her career choice at the time, thankfully, she recovered and went on to appear in other projects.

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Emilia Clarke Asks Fans to Use One Magic Word

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke In Terminator Genisys

The horrifying experience Clarke had at the airport really took a toll on her. The actor decided to take a break from selfies and autographs for a while after the incident. But Clarke is not always trying to hide from fans. In fact, she occasionally loves appropriate encounters with her fans. 

“When you do that, you have to have an interaction with that person, as opposed to someone just going, ‘Oi, give us a selfie, goodbye.’ Then you have a chat and you’re actually having a truthful human-to-human thing, as opposed to it being this other thing that probably isn’t nice for them and isn’t nice to you,” she said on the Table Manners podcast.

The 37-year-old actor further stated that there are nice ways to approach her and those will certainly help her ease in the situation. A simple “please” would be magical rather than forcing the way into taking a selfie and heckling her in the process of it.


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