Emily Blunt And The Rock Team Up For New Superhero Movie.


Netflix is now in headlines for going to host the high-profile project of Emily V.Gordon. The famous duo Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are all set to get back on the screen for a new superhero movie.

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Deadpool, Venom, Bloodshot, Cable and Harley Quinn are among some of the favourite comic-book characters from the ’90s to have released on the big screen. These movies gained varying degrees of commercial and critical success in the past few years.


The next 90’s comic by Disney

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Disney’s next Superhero Rom-com to reunite Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson.

After completing their collaboration on “Jungle Crisis” Dwayne Johnson/ The Rock and Emily blunt will team-up for Disney.

Yes, Ball and Chain is the upcoming 90’s comic that will be put forth by Disney. The Oscar nominee Emily V. Gordon will pen the adaptation of the 90’s comic in words. 


However, the comic Ball and Chain got written by Scott Lobdell and had the same name. Emily V. Gordon serves as the writer along with Kevin Misher to serve as producer for the movie. A director for the film is yet to be found.

What will be the storyline of Ball and Chain?

The action thriller Ball and Chain to release soon on the big screen.

Ball and Chain will be a Superhero Rom-Com film. Ball and Chain will telecast the story of a married couple going through a turmoil in their relationship.


We will see Johnson and Blunt play the super-powered husband and wife duo, Edgar and Mallory Bulson. The couple will fight through hard times to save their marriage and also the world.

Just as they go for their divorce, a meteor will hit the Earth possessing some dangers. The situation calls for the duo to save the planet.  And then we get to experience the twist and the thrill. The superpowers, as specified in the movie, will work only when both Mr and Mrs Bulson are together.


Here the audience needs to wait to watch what the couple does next.

The partnership of The Rock and Blunt.

A picture from the movie Jungle Cruise showing the duo’s chemistry.

This is not the first time Johnson and Blunt will come together on the screen. Before Ball and Chain appears on the big -screen audience gets to experience this famous duo in Disney’s Jungle Cruise.


Jungle Cruise’s trailer shows some great chemistry between Johnson and Blunt. According to the sources Jungle Cruise was set to release in the year 2019 but got shifted. The film got its next date on July 24, 2020. But now due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is pushed back to July 30, 2021.

Besides that, Johnson and Emily are also producing the film Ball and Chain. It is now going around various studios, with Netflix seeming likely to become its home.


Future movies of Johnson and Emily, as individuals.

The Rock and Emily Blunt to star in big individual hits after the crisis.

Moreover, the fans can see Johnson’s heroic actions in Netflix’s action- comedy “Red Notice”. He will share the screen with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, in the series mentioned above.

On the other hand, the beautiful Emily Blunt will return to the screen along with her spouse(John Krasinski) for “Quiet Place 2”. Paramount pictures had planned to release the movie on March 18, but it seems pushed back to September 4, because of the crisis.



Hollywood is working hard to keep the ball rolling amidst all the uncertainty. Still, Ball and Chain seem the lighthearted, action-packed antidote we’ll be looking for when things return to normal.

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