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Emily In Paris: Characters Ranked From Worst To Best

With its Season 2 coming this December 22, Emily in Paris is set to grace our television screens once again in her Parisian chic outfits to the beautiful cities of France. The show is oozing with so much glamour and sophistication, making it a highly recommended holiday watch.

The original cast will be back and better than ever but let us look back at their histories and see who has been naughty and who has been nice. Here’s a list of the worst to best characters from Emily in Paris:

Antoine Lambert

Antoine Lambert

He is a wealthy perfumer who has an affair with Emily’s boss, Sylvie. This character is far from redeemable—he is too arrogant, and as much as possible, wants Emily to get rid of her job. He even sent her a box of sexy lingerie which is totally creepy and very inappropriate. Antoine also boasts about having a wife and lots of side chicks as the true Parisian way of dating.



She is Emily’s boss and she has never been nice to her. Sylvie does not appreciate any ideas coming from Emily and she dismisses her every time she initiates to do something for work. She particularly hates how Emily did not bother learning French when she came to Paris, but who would have the time to do so when she was just thrown into it on short notice?



Emily’s ex-boyfriend, Doug, is the worst kind of partner. He is so selfish and he does not support Emily’s choices at all. When she told him she will be working in Paris, he does not seem to like the idea. Doug also detested the plan of having a long-distance relationship because he believes it is not for him. He became cold towards Emily and eventually, they broke up. Good riddance.


Gabriel emily in paris

Gabriel is the charming boy-next-door who enchanted Emily the moment they met. He works as a chef which also adds to the charm. They both had that chemistry ever since that kiss happened until Emily discovers that Gabriel and her newfound friend are dating.

Emily Cooper

Emily Cooper emily in paris

The audience saw Emily struggling with fitting in into the French culture. With no idea what was in store for her, she grabbed the opportunity and just walked with her high heels into the streets of Paris. Plus, she’s sweet and thoughtful, and she shows respect to her boss despite Sylvie’s treatment of her.

Mindy Chen

Mindy Chen emily in paris

Funny and happy-go-lucky, Mindy is the kind of friend everyone wants to have. She’s always there for Emily whether it’s a girl problem or a celebration. She also has her share of struggles such as running away from her controlling family in China. Now, she lives the life she wants for herself.


Camille emily in paris

There is no better character in the show than Camille. She is gorgeous, amiable, supportive, and has a great sense of style. Her presence is synonymous with the ambiance of a sunny day in Paris. Camille is both the ideal girlfriend and best friend material anyone could ever ask for.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.