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Emily Ratajkowski Regrets Kissing Harry Styles, Reportedly Begging Olivia Wilde for Forgiveness After the Betrayal

Emily Ratajkowski Regrets Kissing Harry Styles, Reportedly Begging Olivia Wilde for Forgiveness After the Betrayal

Harry Styles is a very talented individual with his career knees deep in singing. He also made an extraordinary debut in Hollywood with Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk starring alongside Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and many other top actors in the industry. Starting his career with One Direction, Styles has never been short of success with countless #1 songs and albums, be it with his band or a solo. Even after 1D went on hiatus, the singer never lost focus and kept producing record-breaking albums.

One of the amazing things that Harry Styles is applauded for is that has never put a restriction on his gender and has been very vocal about the fluidity of his s*xuality. Though he has never been heard of dating any men, Styles has kept his dating life privy. He openly speaks about his fluid s*xuality and was recently seen making out with Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo, Japan during his Love on Tour concert series.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

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Harry Styles Was Caught Kissing Emily Ratajkowski in Japan

Ever since Harry Styles’ band, One Direction went on hiatus, rather than taking a step back and planning his next approach towards the industry, he has been releasing hit after hit and nothing has been able to stop him. His albums are top-notch, his songs are top-notch, and even his concerts are overpacked. Styles has been doing concerts all over the world and his audience absolutely loves him for his unconventional ways of hosting his shows, with his popularity skyrocketing in the community.

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski caught making out in Tokyo, Japan
Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were caught making out in Tokyo, Japan

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In one of his most recent concerts from Love on Tour, held in Japan, Harry Styles fans got to experience wild news as social media has been packed with images of Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski kissing. Both of them are making the current headlines of almost every major news article and talks about their romance are already in the air. Though how much of it is true, only they can tell as neither of them reacted to the numerous claims and rumors of their alleged romance.

Emily Ratajkowski Begging Olivia Wilde for Forgiveness

After the video of Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles making out in public went viral, it was reported that the model has been begging Olivia Wilde for forgiveness for going behind her back and making out with Styles. Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles were in a relationship for almost 2 years and just recently broke up in November 2022. Wilde and Ratajkowski were the best of friends and have supported each other through good and tough times and have been there for each other.

Emily Ratajkowski, Harry Styles, and Olivia Wilde
Emily Ratajkowski, Harry Styles, and Olivia Wilde

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The fact that Ratajkowski went and made out with the singer has attracted enough attention from Olivia Wilde. Though she has not made any statements regarding the matter, things might not look well for the best friends. Wilde already has her hand full with her two children, of whom she recently won custody against her ex-husband, and seems more interested in devoting her time to them rather than putting a hand on the mess of the alleged couple.

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