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Encanto: 5 Reasons Why Mirabel Is A Disney Princess

5 Reasons Why Mirabel Is A Disney Princess 2

Disney’s newest animated movie Encanto has become a global success with its star-studded cast and impressive musical numbers. With the latest news that one of its major soundtracks, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” has reached number 1 in the UK for the first time, it’s clear that the film is making waves.

The characters from Encanto are all special (pun intended) but one of them stood out the most. Mirabel Madrigal, the protagonist, is played by Stephanie Beatriz. Among her family, she is the only Madrigal that has no gift of powers. In that note, here are proofs why Mirabel should be a Disney princess:

She Has An Interesting Backstory

Encanto 3

In traditional Disney movies, they always show flashbacks of the main character’s childhood and what makes them special. For others, they were blessed with cursed powers or prophesied to be something great. Mirabel, on the other hand, did not receive any gift.

This has become her struggle for years, and often she gets singled out for having no contributions at all. Mirabel, however, does not see it that way and still believes her family is amazing.

She Speaks Her Mind

Encanto Abuela and Mirabel

Like modern Disney princesses, Mirabel is brave, confident, and not afraid to express herself. Based on her interactions with her family, she is clearly one of the most outspoken characters.

In the scene where Abuela was dismissing her, Mirabel stood for herself and challenged her authority. She pointed out how their family is slowly falling apart because of her Abuela’s sky-high expectations. Mirabel is also the only one willing to speak and defend her Uncle Bruno.

She Practices Empathy

Encanto 4 2

Everyone in La Familia Madrigal indeed has a special gift, and it seems that Mirabel’s hidden magic is in the boundless and overflowing empathy she has for people. She sees through everyone, no matter how good or bad they seem to appear.

Mirabel saw through her sister Isabela, and they reconciled. She saw through her Uncle Bruno, and Mirabel brought him back to the family. Even her Abuela, she saw her struggle for wanting to keep the house and the miracle alive. Mirabel’s gift of empathy is truly Disney princess-worthy.

She Answers To Her Calling

Encanto 2

Like all Disney princess canons, Mirabel found her calling and took her chance. Despite having no powers, she embarked on a dangerous journey to find out the truth and save her family (and their house) from crumbling apart.

When Bruno showed her the vision, she knew that it needs to be done. She followed her instincts and wherever the light of the miracle candle led her.

She Dreams To Be More


In her musical number, “Waiting On A Miracle,” Mirabel expressed her yearning for something bigger than herself. She believes that despite having no gift of powers, she has a greater purpose. Throughout the movie, she is hopeful and faithful to her family.

A classic example of a Disney song that resembles Mirabel’s rendition would be Beauty and the Beast’s “Belle” and The Little Mermaid’s “Part Of Your World.” These three songs are suggestive of the characters’ aspirations.

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Written by Ariane Cruz

I write feature articles for FandomWire, mostly focusing on Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Netflix, HBO, and Hollywood news.