“End of story”: Dwayne Johnson Gave Up on His Dreams Because of His “Pile of Steaming S**t Grades”

"End of story": Dwayne Johnson Gave Up on His Dreams Because of His "Pile of Steaming S**t Grades"
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WWE star turned actor Dwayne Johnson has seamlessly transitioned from one career to the next with aplomb. The Black Adam actor made his name as one of the biggest stars to come out of the Wrestling League before venturing into the world of movies. Following his towering presence as the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns, The Rock went on to do many commercial blockbusters that cemented his place among the highest earners in Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson in The Scorpion King

While Johnson has juggled two high-profile careers with ease, the Jumanji 2 star also harbored a desire to become a professional footballer along with attempting to take up another challenging profession. Unfortunately, these remained only pipe dreams for the celebrity.

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Dwayne Johnson Wanted To Be A CIA Agent

Coming from a family of wrestlers, Dwayne Johnson expectedly took up the profession and found huge success in it. His foray into Hollywood was also marked by many high-profile projects that made him one of the richest celebrities in the industry. Apart from wrestling and acting, Johnson also attempted to take up football professionally which did not materialize.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson wanted to become a CIA agent

But the dream that he was extremely keen on was to become a CIA agent. Unfortunately, The Rock realized very soon into his criminology program that he was not cut out academically for the profession. Speaking on the challenges he faced including struggling with grades, Johnson said.

“My criminal justice professor and advisor (Dr. Paul Cromwell) convinced me that the best operative I could become for the agency is one that also had a law degree. I thought that’s a great idea, until I realized no respectable law school would ever let me in with my pile of steaming s**t grades. End of story.”

After the disappointment of missing out on his dream of becoming a CIA operative, Dwayne Johnson went back to his strong suit and conquered the WWE before entering the very lucrative profession of acting in Hollywood.


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Dwayne Johnson’s Forgotten Acting Debut

Dwayne Johnson’s movie career took off with his presence in the 2nd installment of the cult fantasy-adventure series, The Mummy. The former WWE star featured in a prominent role that catapulted him to fame from where there was no looking back. But a year before this film, Johnson made his acting debut in another iconic television franchise, Star Trek: Voyager which ran for a massive 7 seasons.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson in Star Trek: Voyager

The Fast and The Furious star played the role of a hulking combatant in the melee bloodsport Tsunkatse in the 15th episode of the 6th season. The actor’s physical prowess and muscularity in the show eventually went on to become his biggest asset in various Hollywood action blockbusters and the groundwork started with Star Trek. The similarities between Johnson’s Star Trek character Pendari Champion and the actor’s WWE image is also significant with the lack of dialogue, the costumes, and the manner of combat echoing the star’s performances inside the wrestling arena.


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