Hawkeye: 8 Unknown Facts About Jack Duquesne aka The Swordsman

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Hawkeye has premiered its episodes on Disney+, and everyone in the audience seems to love the new set of MCU characters introduced in the show. One of these fantastic characters is Jack Duquesne, aka The Swordsman, played by Tony Dalton. But before you see The Swordsman in the show, you should know these 8 epic facts about Jack Duquesne.


1. Did you know that Jacques “Jack” Duquesne’s first-ever appearance was in Marvel Comics in 1965, in The Avengers Vol. 1 #19? In the comics, he portrays the character of a Swordsman, who enters the Avengers headquarters and attempts to join them but gets identified by Hawkeye. The Swordsman couldn’t face rejection and formed a trap for Captain America. Fortunately, Captain America finds out about his plan with the help of Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers.

2. This might come as a surprise to some of you, but Jack is not the only Swordsman in the Marvel Universe. Jack is just the most recognized Swordsman amongst all of them. Here comes another Swordsman, Philip Javert, who acts as a member of The Gatherers. One thing which is common in all the Swordsmen is their ability to use swords and knives. They just differ in personalities and origin.


3. Jack got lucky that Mandarin made his Sword so powerful. The Sword generates flames, beams, and lightning. It also has a specific toxic gas that can make people unconscious. But do you know the fact that this Sword can never be used against Mandarin?

4. Jack became a total gambling addict after he left Siancong. He went through so much after his father’s death. His life turned upside down, and he became an addict. His deeds and debts led him to steal and commit crimes.

5. You may or may not know this, but Jacques Duquesne does not have any superpowers in reality. He is just an extraordinary human who gained his special abilities from years of long and challenging training. Jack is a fully skilled athlete, and his only source of superpowers are his skills and talents.

But you can’t underestimate him because he can be as dangerous as Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. In fact, both Hawkeye and Kate should prepare themselves for an Olympic-level fight if the Swordsman Comes into the series.


6. Do you know that Jack and Mantis were in a serious relationship, and they even had a son together named Sequoia? They really loved each other. When he worked as a double agent with the Avengers, he developed a crush on Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. But it was purely one-sided because Wanda never felt the same for Jack. Still, he found his “happily ever after” in Mantis!

7. Everyone needs a friend, a crime partner, so does the powerful Swordsman. Erik Josten, aka the Power Man, was that friend for Jack. Erik was an AWOL marine who turned into a mercenary and underwent an ionic treatment. He then became much more potent than any other average human. Therefore, Erik can definitely become a great partner to Jack if he appears in MCU.

8. Ending the list of epic facts about Jack Duquesne with an essential point you should know about him, and without which, the list would be totally incomplete. Jack became an Avenger, and he ended his supervillain journey. But at first, Jack acted as a double agent and tried to betray the mighty heroes. However, with a sudden change of heart and mind, he eventually helped them. Jack preferred to stay on the good side for his betterment. And who knows that the Swordsman himself would become a partner to Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.



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