Eternals From Comics Who Can Easily Snap Thanos In Half

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While Thanos certainly is a cosmic force of nature, he is not totally unstoppable. there are heroes and villains in Marvel Comics that could easily stand their ground against him. The Avengers took a lot of time to deal with the threat of Thanos. But these Eternals could have single-handedly floored Thanos and humiliated the Mad Titan in his own game.


There are Eternals in the MCU already. But they haven’t been introduced en masse. Some of them had to be ‘nerfed’ in order to fit into the movie story arc. These Eternals have it in them to fight and even beat Thanos if they really wanted to.

Grom Is A Billion Eternals Rolled Into One ‘Over-Mind’

Eternals who could beat Thanos
Grom – The Over-Mind

Grom’s origin story is very, very unique. He was created when a billion Eternal Minds united to form the entity known as the ‘Over-Mind.’ While the Uni-Mind is known to be the embodiment of supreme power by Eternal standards, the Over-Mind is a gross perversion of the concept. Because of so many minds medled together, grom excels at telepathy, telekinesis, mind control and precognition.


Grom may lack the abilities common to all other Eternals. But he more than makes up for it in psychic powers alone. for the most part of Eternals’ history in Marvel Comics, Grom has been a supervillain. But at times, the Over-Mind does manage to do the right thing and save the planet from threats like the Grandmaster. If Thanos makes a move, Grom can easily step in and do the needful.

Zuras Has Wisdom & Experience That Knows No Bounds

Eternals who could beat Thanos - Zuras
Zuras The All-Knowing

Like every other Eternal, Zuras also has the typical abilities of his kind. With an endless lifespan and a depth of knowledge that could rival even the greatest of minds, Zuras led the Earth Eternals into near Godhood. For ages, he was the only Eternal who had cracked the ability of creating the Uni-Mind.

His energy manipulation skills are also incredibly powerful, easily putting him at par with Thanos. All Eternals respect Zuras for his knowledge and wisdom. It is never easy to win the respect of an entire race. But if the Eternals unanimously respected the might of Zuras, Thanos would think twice before crossing paths with him.


Gilgamesh Is The Physically Strongest Eternal Ever

Eternals who could beat Thanos - Gilgamesh
Gilgamesh – The Forgotten One

While he did appear in the film, his real ability was a fraction of what was shown in the film. He is one of the strongest Eternals and his durability is near Godlike. The Forgotten One aka Gilgamesh does not have lot of fans. His strength is almost on par with Thor’s. Some may say his brawn is actually more than the Norse God of Thunder’s limits.

Gilgamesh can lift more than a hundred tons very easily. A single punch from this dude can crack mountains. His power relies on focusing all his cosmic energy into his fists. So even one well-landed punch from Gilgamesh could floor Thanos. If a comic book accurate Gilgamesh would have taken part in Infinity war, maybe the MCU would have seen the end of Thanos’ wrath before Endgame

Thane, Son of Thanos, Is Half-Eternal & Half-Inhuman

Eternals who could beat Thanos - Thane
Thane – Son of Thanos

Thanos, for the lack of a better phrase, has hooked up many times throughout history. He leaves his offsprings in worlds scattered all across the universe. One of those abandoned children of Thanos happened to be Thane. Because of his Inhuman-Eternal heritage, Thane had power that rivalled most Inhumans and Eternals, including Thanos.


After terrigenesis, Thane gained two unique abilities. The Death Touch was an instant kill ability where anyone Thane touches with his left hand dies. His right hand can freeze anyone in amber in a state of living death. As a matter of fact, Thane has in fact used the latter ability to defeat Thanos.

Kronos Has An Endless Reservoir of Cosmic Energy

Eternals who could beat Thanos - Kronos
Kronos – Grandfather of Thanos

The father of A’Lars and Zura, Kronos is one of the most ancient Eternals to ever exist. Kronos also happens to be related by blood to Thanos. He is the Mad Titan’s grandfather. After an experiment went wrong, Kronos’ body turned into pure energy. He now exists as the living embodiment of all time in the universe.

In Earth-9997, Kronos already found a way to snap Thanos. He did so by helping in the creation of Eon, a cosmic entity who then killed Thanos in that reality via his champion – the Kree Captain Marvel. But kronos does not even need to be this indirect. The amount of cosmic energy he has is enough to kill Thanos many times over.



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