Eternals Trailer Subtly Forewarns A Villainous Team Member

With a majority of the Marvel fans having little knowledge of the Eternals, its much-awaited trailer has finally arrived. It has familiarized us with the mysterious team of powerful entities. As expected, the first trailer was super captivating with an ensemble of A-list stars revealing their characters. So far, most of us had associated the Marvel Universe with the Avengers, the Guardians, and the X-Men. But this universe is vaster than we can fathom, as many more superpowers have existed long before the modern-day Avengers. The latest trailer has left several hints indicating how the Eternals landed on Earth. It also forewarns which one of them could be a potential villain.

How It Began

The clip took us back a few thousand years when the Eternals showed up on earth while the ancient civilization gaped at their spacecraft in awe. Soon after, we see these god-like entities settling down on the planet and boosting the evolution with irrigation, medicines, technology, etc. with their magic powers and cosmic energies. While Ajak, Phastos, Sersi and the others love mankind and want to help them, Druig might have cultivated opposing beliefs. Barry Keoghan’s Druig frequently shows up during the trailer as he works with the Eternals. But there is also a scene where he emerges from a hut located in the middle of a forest.

From what we have gathered from the Eternals clips and footage so far, this is the same spot where the team arrives at present to meet Druig. Nothing is dubious about these parts until the same setting reappears later with a shocking revelation.

Druig’s Powers and Motive

We saw a group of human beings in the woods, equipped with guns, while their eyes glowed through the dark atmosphere. At whom were these men raising their guns? Was it the Eternals who showed up for Druig or was it another off-screen danger? But what arched our eyebrows were their glowing eyes and the fact that they were led by Druig.

As far as the comic books tell us, Druig has always been a megalomaniac villain and one of the few Eternals with telepathic powers. He used his mind-controlling powers in the books to run an army which often brought him to dissent with the rest of the Eternals. In Neil Gaiman’s reboot, Druig had also successfully erased the Eternals’ memories and offered aid to a resurrected Thanos. This could explain the superheroes’ absence and hibernation during the MCU crisis, especially when one of them, Thanos– an Eternal with Deviant genes, attempted to wipe out half the universe.

We are yet to discover if Marvel Studios will alter the character arc of Druig in the upcoming movie. But he has already started controlling humans via telepathy as per the trailer. So, this Eternal is not far away from using it to his advantage in the future.

Written by Ipshita Barua