Eternals: Where Were The Avengers During The Emergence Event?

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MCU’s “Eternals” was full of action, brilliant cinematography, and a mind-blowing storyline. However, some loopholes in this story raised questions that are still unanswered. One of the central questions is, “Why are the Avengers not helping during the Emergence event?” Did they not know about these attacks? What were they doing when everything was going down? Here are some possible explanations for these questions!


When the initial attacks occurred, they made quite the noise. Not only was the attack displayed very publicly, but it was also broadly covered by the media. On top of it, the attack also occurred in London, a very significant city. So, amid all these factors, the incident would become impossible to go unnoticed.

The villains from the emergence

The emergence took place after eight months of Endgame. Unfortunately, this is also nearly the same time as Spiderman’s “Far From Home.” This means the Hero was possibly preoccupied with fighting Mysterio and other evils. Sadly, he can’t be held accountable for not helping in the emergency crisis.

Spiderman fighting Mysterio - Emergence
The superhero was busy with his issues.

Far From Home also provides us with the whereabouts of some other Avengers. For example, we know that Captain Marvel and Thor were unavailable as they were off-world. Unfortunately, Doctor Strange, too, was not available.

The heroes were not available for emergence.

The self-imposed isolation can explain the absence of the Scarlet Witch after WandaVision.

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The movie explains why the Avenger was not there for the Eternals

On the other hand, Sam Wilson is a hero who should have been there. However, Considering the events of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” two months before the emergence, it is safe to assume that he had a lot on his plate and needed to restrict his focus to the U.S.

The Hero was occupied in a whole other country.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings also present certain Avengers’ whereabouts. Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, etc., were all still connected and trying to stay united through their committee.

Shang Chi
Wong’s cameo in the movie with all the other Avengers

War Machine was also missing from the entire context. Is he preparing for the Armor Wars? Possibly.

We don’t know most of it for sure. However, we can still assume why these gaps weren’t filled. Marvel has been creating brilliant content for phase four, but we need some bridges amongst all Avengers to understand the entire context of the movies.

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