Euphoria: Zendaya Teases Tom Holland’s Cameo Rumors

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Zendaya has reacted to claims that Tom Holland was a hidden extra on season 2 of Euphoria. Zendaya and Holland are Hollywood’s hottest emerging talents. They revealed their affair in December 2021. Holland played Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and Zendaya played Michelle “MJ” Jones-Watson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man trilogy. Although both actors catapulted to stardom due to their appearances in the solo Spider-Man movie, they have also started several ventures.

Zendaya teases Tom Holland's cameo in Euphoria

Zendaya played Ruby “Rue” Bennett and she is the leading actor in Euphoria. Her performance in the series earned her a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Drama Series, earning her the show’s youngest winner. Euphoria follows Rue, a heroin addict just out of rehab who is struggling to stay good and part of a group of high school classmates who are all battling their problems. Holland links to hidden Euphoria season 2 cameo appearance ever since she claimed to visit the premise of Euphoria at least 30 times to see Zendaya when she was in shooting.

What Zendaya Said about Holland’s appearance in Euphoria

Zendaya responded cautiously to the speculation of Holland’s appearance in an interview with a Hollywood Actor. The actor added that she had no way of confirming or denying the reports. She joked that it “might be” authentic but “could not be”. Zendaya maintained Holland’s prospective role in Euphoria a well-guarded secret. “It’s possible. It’s possible. I’m unable to confirm or deny it. The rest of the planet may never know.”

Euphoria season 2
Zendaya responds teasingly to the cameo rumors

Zendaya’s response is more of a joke than a response to keep viewers wondering about the reality. Despite touring the set, Holland has indicated an interest in a Euphoria cameo, which Zendaya has already voiced approval. Nevertheless, when eagle-eyed spectators stated to have glimpsed Holland in Euphoria season 2, episode 7, “The Theater and Its Double,” the rumor mill accelerated.

Throughout the episode, a play is being performed, and the camera often pans over the crowd. Viewers may have observed an actor sitting near the back who appeared identical to Holland in one of the sequences. However, the sequence is so short, and the actor is so far away that it’s difficult to tell if it’s Holland or not. Viewers waited for a definitive response when Holland was supposedly seen in Euphoria.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland visit Zendaya 30 times at shoots.

Zendaya’s Hesitation in Confirming Holland’s Presence

Zendaya’s deliberately evasive comments, it’s pronounced that assurance won’t be forthcoming anytime soon. It doesn’t matter if Holland played a different or not in the Euphoria season 2 narrative. It’s just a possible Easter egg with fans on the edge of their seats while watching the blockbuster show. Zendaya’s hesitation in confirming Holland’s presence will almost certainly encourage viewers to pay closer heed in upcoming episodes of Euphoria. With the third season of Euphoria guaranteed, there are still many options for the actor to appear in a scene.


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