Even Cancel Culture Couldn’t Stop Andrew Schulz Net Worth From Hitting Millions

How unconventional tactics and being unfiltered became the weapons by which the comedian defeated cancel culture.

Even Cancel Culture Couldn't Stop Andrew Schulz Net Worth From Hitting Millions


  • Andrew Schulz is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the history of the Comedy industry.
  • Despite his shows and specials being canceled by venues and streaming platforms, he's still selling out shows.
  • The biggest reason for his success is his uncompromising nature toward his humour and comedy bits.
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The comedy scene in the entertainment industry has always been a double-edged sword for those who have made a name for themselves in this genre. Since jokes can either make someone laugh or offend people, comedians always have to tread carefully with their satires. Unless you’re Andrew Schulz, in which case, nothing is stopping you from going absolutely unhinged.

Andrew Schulz
Andrew Schulz

In fact, this habit of being completely uncensored during his shows and in public is the reason why he has become the biggest name in comedy in recent years. Considering the popularity of cancel culture in modern times, it almost seems like a miracle that the comic has not just been able to remain in the scene, but has become a millionaire doing what he’s best at.

How Andrew Schulz Became One Of The Biggest Names In Comedy Today

Andrew Schulz during one of his performances
Andrew Schulz during one of his performances

Jokes are just like water for the population of the world, some get it, and some don’t. That is why comedy is such a fine tightrope to walk on, and even finer when you want to succeed in it. But contrary to contemporary tactics of humor, comic Andrew Schulz takes the unfiltered and unhinged route in a very volatile space of the entertainment industry.


Despite being recently shown resistance to his comedy routines by Toronto’s Massey Hall with the pretext that he is very inappropriate with his humor, something that they don’t condone, his reputation has only seen a significant rise.

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After his show was canceled by the aforementioned venue, Schulz showed them the finger, saying that he doesn’t like comedy when it’s censored. And in light of his comment, he scheduled a third show in Toronto, where two of his shows have been completely sold out within an hour. How Schulz presents himself and breaks the conventions of comedy seems to be how he has managed to defeat the cancel culture despite his off-the-cuff humor.


Analyst Ross Simmonds has created a complete thread of his X, talking about how the comic has managed to break the chains of the industry. Unlike most comedians who do their shows exclusively at clubs, don’t like the footage of their show being taken or hate people pirating their stints, Schulz has broken the norm with every single aspect of comedy mentioned above.

Apart from that, his uncensored attitude towards comedy, especially dark humor, has also drawn the purists of comedy as well as the general public to him in masses, in stark contrast to the culture where every other comedian is trying to cater to political correctness.

Obviously, with having a wicked sense of humor to go along with all of this, it’s no wonder why he’s becoming one of the biggest comedians in history, with an estimated net worth of about $4 Million.


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Where Has It All Led His Career As A Comic?

Andrew Schulz and Aakash Singh in a still from their Podcast Flagrant
Akaash Singh and Andrew Schulz in a still from their podcast Flagrant

All of his hard work has paid off in a big way for him as his decision to not save his best jokes exclusively for shows and post them on YouTube and Instagram instead has gained him a lot of attention. Today, he has almost 2.8 Million subscribers on YouTube on his main channel, which also has a total of 610 Million views on top of having another 2.8 Million subs collectively on his other 5 channels.

On the social media front, the comic boasts 3.5 Million followers on Instagram and 4.5 Million on TikTok with millions of views on both of them, which just proves he’s a marketing genius. Along with that, his MO isn’t just having an unapologetic nature to his dark humor but is also making the crowd a part of his show by roasting anyone from the audience without a second thought, which further adds to the flare of his performances.


But he isn’t all about jokes, the comedian, along with fellow comic Akaash Singh has his podcast named Flagrant, where both of them talk about things that are sometimes comedy and most of the time, things they don’t usually talk about in their shows. This has also diversified him into other topics of discussion, further making him desirable to the public.

What’s Next For Andrew Schulz?

Andrew Schulz
Andrew Schulz

Even after getting his show canceled and his upcoming special Infamous being refused from being streamed by an undisclosed streaming platform, Schulz has become an unstoppable force in comedy.

He is all set to go on his comic tour of North America starting at the end of this year, titled The Life Tour, which is scheduled till May next year, the last stop being Madison Square Garden in New York City, which has already been sold out for his show twice at this point of time. Apart from that, he is also gearing up to star in a film very soon titled The Underdoggs, set to release next year.


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The Life Tour, starts on December 29th, 2023.

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