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“Turn it the F**k down. We get it – You like Capitalism”: Joe Rogan, Andrew Schulz Trolled Ben Shapiro in the Nastiest Way Possible

Joe Rogan, Andrew Schulz Trolled Ben Shapiro in the Nastiest Way Possible

When meme culture reached its peak in the mid-2010s and the ever-increasing speed and reach of the internet was growing along with it, everyone was basically connected on the internet. This unfortunately means that access to even the most dangerous content is a Google search away to everyone on the internet, even that of Ben Shapiro’s

Having become the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States at the age of 17, Ben Shapiro is a man of many talents. But perhaps his most notable work is one that has been cultivated through his noticeable presence online in conservative American crowds, and he’s gotten flak for it. His latest haters? Joe Rogan and Andrew Schulz.

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Ben Shapiro

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Andrew Schulz Trolls Ben Shapiro On Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Ben Shapiro’s influence on conservative American teens and 20-somethings is quite impressive. If you search under every Facebook or Instagram comment section discussing politically sensitive topics then you’re bound to find one person who’s gonna quote Shapiro’s infinite wisdom.

Joe Rogan FandomWire
Andrew Schulz and Joe Rogan

Of course, conservatives might buy all that talk. But there’s a whole other world on the same American soil which calls the columnist out for his radical and problematic views on topics like abortion, climate change, gun ownership, and so on.

One of the more standout personalities who do not like Shapiro one bit is the popular comedian Andrew Schulz. During an appearance on the former’s popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Schulz takes a hilarious jab at Shapiro, saying that he believes the former editor-at-large of Breitbart News is on the spectrum.

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Rogan starts off by bringing up autism and saying that it helps you ‘focus’ on certain things. The talk between Schulz and Rogan quickly escalates into them talking about Shapiro-

“Yeah, let’s ask Ben Shapiro”- Schulz

“You think he’s on it?”- Rogan

“Oh, autistic Adam Smith? That’s what i call him”- Schulz

At this point, the former television presenter bursts out a contagious laugh, and Schulz continues, saying-

“Like, ask him about anything,’you like Donuts?’ ‘Well the best donuts would be in the free market'”.

“Like bro, turn it off for a second dude. Just f***ing turn it off. We get it, you like capitalism, dude. Turn it the f*** down!”

Will Ben Shapiro be able to recover from such a diss? Or will he send back a scathing reply?

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Joe Rogan Suspects That Lewis Hamilton Does Drugs

Formula 1 as a racing sport has grown itself pretty well into one of the most watched sports of this generation. One of the most popular faces from the sport is Lewis Hamilton, having reigned in the king’s seat with a joint-record of seven World Drivers’ Championship titles as well as owning the record of most wins (103!).

Joe Rogan FandomWire
Joe Rogan

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Of course, Hamilton is a generational talent who fortunately took the right path in life to get to where he is. But comedian and commentator Joe Rogan thinks that the British race car driver has definitely indulged in drugs to pull off “wild shit”.

During comedian Andrew Schulz’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan expressed his amazement over the intensity of the races in Formula 1-

“This is wild sh*t, man! You have to be wild! What do you think these guys are on? You think they’re taking amphetamines? adderall?”

Whatever Lewis Hamilton did to make such a stellar career and have an impressive track record, we do not know. But it’s not something one does out of the ordinary!

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