“Even though there is a direct personal risk”: Elon Musk Gets Desperate to Hide His Evil Iron Man Persona, Claims He’s Granting Free Speech to Twitter Account That’s Tracking His Plane

Elon Musk talks about freedom of speech as he tries to play the good guy.
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A lot has been happening since Elon Musk took over the ownership of one of the largest social media platforms in the world just a week or so ago, things like celebrities claiming to quit Twitter because of this new development and huge companies pulling their ads from the app, thereby leading to an enormous drop in its revenue.

Elon musk
Elon Musk

In light of the events that have been taking place, the CEO of Tesla took to Twitter to raise his concerns about the same, claiming that certain activist groups who happen to be against him are the ones forcing advertisers to bring a halt to their ads on the platform that he now owns. He even went so far as to tag the whole thing as a disruption of the freedom of speech.

And while the billionaire founder and CEO of SpaceX claims that activists are “destroying” freedom of speech, he’s attempting to showcase the extent to which he is dedicated to preserving the same, as he points out how he’s not taking any drastic measures with regard to the Twitter account that tracks his jet.


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Elon Musk claims to provide free speech to even those who are stalking him

News about a 19-year-old freshman named Jack Sweeney tracking the whereabouts of Elon Musk‘s private jet broke down at the very beginning of the year in January. The story came out after the latter approached Sweeney through a Twitter DM, asking him to take the account named “Elon’s Jet” down from the site that keeps a tab on all the activities of Musk’s private jet.

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Elon Musk talks about freedom of speech
Elon Musk talks about freedom of speech

Musk even offered to pay the boy $5000 if he took that account down and stopped keeping a track of his plane, but Sweeney refused, claiming to think about doing so only if he was paid $50k instead of five thousand. While the business magnate said he’d “think about it,” Sweeney’s grand payday never came and as a result, the Twitter account that painstakingly follows Musk’s jet never got shut down either.

The CEO of Twitter referred to the same thing in his most recent tweet as he talked about the importance of free speech and just how adamant he is on preserving it. So much so that he isn’t even “banning” the account of Sweeney who possesses the tracking information regarding his plane.

Is that a good thing though or is he just trying a little too hard to play nice?

Elon Musk tries his best to not unleash his Superior Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr.‘s Tony Stark was not only renowned as Iron Man but was also famous for being a billionaire scientist with the brains of an evil genius. And when you think about it, the similarities between the MCU’s biggest superhero and the real-life tech genius and billionaire investor, Elon Musk, are too striking to go unnoticed.

In fact, Mark Fergus, the writer of Iron Man, himself admitted to the similarity between his character and Musk as he talked about drawing inspiration from the latter. And let’s not forget the whole shenanigan of charging $8 for a verified blue tick which bears irrefutable resemblance to Superior Iron Man and Extremis 3.0.

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Superior Iron Man is the evil variant of Tony Stark
Superior Iron Man is the evil variant of Tony Stark

And if Musk’s recent tweet was any proof, then he’s definitely trying hard to smother the evil side of his Iron Man persona. Not taking action against a teenager who tracks the movements of his private jet? There’s no chance Tony Stark would ever let this slide.

It’s not that the co-founder of OpenAI doesn’t have the resources to take down said Twitter account; he literally owns the site he could do anything he pleased. For all we know, Musk could even take some hardcore action against Jack Sweeney without batting an eye and no one would even come to know. But perhaps, that is exactly what he’s restraining himself from doing as he preaches about freedom of speech instead.

He really is doing all he can to play the good cop, but there’s only so much prodding one can ignore.


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