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Every Fan-Favorite Superhero Live Action Show That Isn’t Arrowverse Or MCU-Disney+, Ranked

Almost every god superhero live action show comes from The MCU-Disney+ and Arrowverse. But every superhero live action show on this do not belong to either universe.


Syfy- Krypton

Krypton was marketed as a show that would be a prequel set in Superman’s home world. Not many shows have delved into the mythos of the extinct Kryptonian culture. We know next to nothing about how this civilization worked and what was its social structure. Krypton is a very deep allegory on classism and elitism that comes with advancement in science and technology. It is about aliens and technology but it is also a social commentary on people and authority. This is a show that perfectly captures the origin story for many iconic Superman villains and supporting characters. The show will always be a gem and you cannot change our minds!!

The Gifted

Fox’s The Gifted

The Gifted was Fox’s attempt at creating a superhero live action show based on mutants but without the X-Men. Many classic mutant heroes make their official live action debut in this series. The show started out strong, establishing mutant prejudice and governmental overreach early on. The Hellfire Club was also a welcome addition to The Gifted’s world building. the show was certainly very interesting. Despite critical and financial acclaim, Fox cancelled the show after two seasons.



FX have us a superhero live action show that was trippy, bizarre, and super weird to watch. And fans loved it!! Legion was based on the life and times of David Haller, a person suffering with chronic schizophrenia. His mental condition is also related to his Omega level mutant abilities. Haller has a range of powers from telekinesis to telepathy and controlling fire. Depending on which personality takes over, his powers manifest accordingly. The cherry on top was Aubrey Plaza, who just put the “W” in Weird every time she appeared on screen.

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol

Quirky and superheroes do not mix. That was until Doom Patrol entered the scene. Before DC found its mojo with Titans, it launched another original superhero live action show called Doom Patrol. Given the very source material that show was taking cues from, we knew the show would be downright whack. The team features a diverse set of characters that are weird and super-obscure. Even diehard comic book fans would have a hard time recognizing them. This show still captured many hearts and minds. To top it off, this show is credited with bringing back Brendan Fraser to the limelight.

The Boys

The Boys

Nobody ever thought that Garth Ennis’ The Boys would be such a huge global success. The Amazon Prime show is now a worldwide sensation. Every cast member of The Boys enjoys fame of unprecedented proportions. The series is somewhat of a parody on the superhero genre that takes an albeit much darker and bleaker turn. Superheroes, to the public, are the best of humanity. But when the camera isn’t rolling, they reveal themselves to be broken or psychopathic, or both. The superhero live action show has so many plot twists and moments of gore it will make your stomach churn.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

You do not wanna know. I could be a psychopath.