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Every Joker Actor (Including Barry Keoghan), Officially Ranked

The arch-nemesis of Batman, Joker, has been one of the greatest Superhero – Villains of all time. Capturing the imagination of fans through the decades. The Crown Prince of Crime is a complex character, with nuanced quirks. Playing him is a big challenge, and dare I say, more of one than playing Batman. Joker’s antics are equally important as Batman’s heroics. Batman films rest on both of them playing their roles well. Of late, Joker has got a lot of attention, and deservedly so. His character is unparalleled and is often considered to be the best antagonist in the DC universe. With Many Batman films and spin-offs gracing the big screen in the last few decades, several great actors have played the role of Joker. Fans have their favorites and we have ours too! Today, we rank the best actors that have played the role of Joker.

5. Jared Leto – Suicide Squad /Zack Snyder’s Justice League 

Jared Leto as The Joker

Easily, the one that holds the last place on this list is Jared Leto. Come on, everyone agrees his Joker was disappointing. His over-the-top costume, silly tattoos, and demeanor were underwhelming. Much could have been done with the character but alas, it was a forgettable performance. Equal blame lies with the writers and the makers of the film, who contributed to a disaster of an antagonist

4. Barry Keoghan – The Batman

Joker actors ranked

It seems quite unfair to rank Barry Keoghan this low in the list, as his character wasn’t given much screen space in the recent movie. However, from whatever little screentime he had and from the deleted scenes of the movie it is abundantly clear that he has great potential. The get-up, the trademark Joker laugh, and the makeup are all on the mark. Hoping that he could be given more room to shine in a sequel and this might perhaps propel him higher on this list!

3. Joaquin Phoenix – Joker

Joker actors ranked
Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

Of all the actors on this list, Joaquin had the most breathing space to flesh out his character and make the best of it. He made sure that he made the best of it and his performance was universally applauded. His joker was particularly terrifying and his psychology was explored in depth. This remains one of the landmark portrayals of the comic book character to date. The menacing laugh still rings in our ears!

2. Jack Nicholson – Batman 

Joker actors ranked
Jack Nicholson as The Joker

Admittedly an old entry on this kist, his Joker was a classic. The satanic charm, maddening violence, and ruthless cunning remain entrenched in our minds! He had an uncanny way with one-liners and was one of the greats back then. Many of his attributes in the character of the Joker remain unsurpassed and we think that he ranks number 2 on the list.

1. Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight

Joker actors ranked
Heath Ledger as The Joker (2008)

This was, we are sure, obvious to everyone. Heath’s portrayal of Joker was by far the most iconic and stands the test of time. It seems that his performance would remain forever the best. He had many iconic moments in that one film and this cemented his place as one of the best actors in recent years. His joker remains the most frightening and is how fans imagine the Joker to be.

Written by Angad Singh

Angad is the Exclusive Editorials Head at FandomWire. Besides editing and writing duties, he procures material and manages the direction of our site's exclusive editorials. A lawyer by degree and a writer at heart, he prefers sleep over everything.