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Every Theatrical Batmobile Ranked Worst to Best

Any fan of the Caped Crusader has one major desire… to drive the Batmobile. Although we would love to go over the greatest batmobile’s of all time, there are so many variations from all forms of entertainment including the Batmobile. However, we will only be taking a look at every theatrical version of this iconic vehicle. From the very first iteration in 1943 to the new upcoming film by Matt Reeves The Batman, we will be looking at all the theatrical versions. As much as we love Frank Millers massive tank from The Dark Knight Returns or Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond, we will save those for separate lists.

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From the 1943 Batman Serial

Designed by Harley Earl from General Motors, based on a 1939 Cadillac 75 Convertible. A simple factory stock automobile, this batmobile was a simple design with a top that would come up and down. When it was down it would be “Bruce Wayne’s car” but when it was up, it would be the batmobile.



From Batman & Robin

Designed by Barbra Ling and constructed by TransFX Inc. with no base car included. This iteration was put together during Joel Schumachers time with the Batman films, pushing forward with much more campier and brighter version of the Dark Knight. The Batman & Robin batmobile featured brighter lights and looked much more like a toy than a car driven by a guy named Batman.

From Batman Forever

Once again designed by Barbra Ling and constructed by TransFX Inc. The design of this vehicle was where the new iteration of the car began to drastically change. Basing it slightly on the look of a real bat with ribs and wings included, the ribs featured on this batmobile allowed audiences to see the neon blue engine inside of the car.


From 1966’s Batman: The Movie

Nothing beats a classic, based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura by William M. Schmidt and transformed into the batmobile by George Barris. The variation most people can remember as the their most memorable and influential batmobile, this car was driven by Adam West and Burt Ward during the 1966 Batman film and the TV series as well.


From Batman v. Superman/Justice League

Designed by Patrick Tatopoulos and Dennis McCarthy, this new iteration features a much more weaponized take on the car than previous versions. Armed with all kinds of weapons like ballistic missile defenses, twin caliber machine guns and a grappling hook. Driven by Ben Affleck to fight against the Man of Steel and fight off Steppenwolf’s armies in the DC Extended Universe.


From 2021 The Batman

While we haven’t fully seen this batmobile in action except only through trailers. This version was designed by Ash Thorp for the next installment featuring the Dark Knight, The Batman. The design takes references from the 1966 version and comes off as a muscle car with brief bat-like features on it. Either way, we anticipate to see it in action in 2021.



From The Dark Knight Trilogy

Featured in all of The Dark Knight Trilogy, but making its first appearance in Batman Begins. This iteration was designed by Nathan Crowley and director Christopher Nolan. The new take of the batmobile came with much more tactical and military features, fitting the nature of Nolans films with a more realistic and grounded tone.



From Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Designed by Shayne Poindexter and also used through the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series. This look too inspiration from Tim Burton’s iteration in his films, it has been one of the most iconic batmobile’s ever since it showed up in the opening of the animated series and its design can even be seen in Batman Beyond as Bruce Waynes car upside down.


From Batman (1989)/Batman Returns

Designed by Anton Furst and used to fit the dark gothic tone of Tim Burton’s Gotham City. Even after the 1966 version and the Tumbler, this batmobile still remains as one of the best variations of the Dark Knights car. Its unfortunate it was only used in two films, we hope with Keaton returning as Batman in the upcoming Flash film to see this Batmobile again.



Written by David Moya

A lot of appreciation for Marvel. Big love for DC Comics!