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    10 Greatest Animated Batman Films – Ranked

    One hot property DC can always rely on is their Batman content. From the many animated series to his live-action film, Batman will sell. The same applies to his animated feature films, having more cartoon movies than any other DC character in their extensive universe. There is no doubt DC understands the intelligent financial decision […] More

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    Every Theatrical Batmobile Ranked Worst to Best

    Any fan of the Caped Crusader has one major desire… to drive the Batmobile. Although we would love to go over the greatest batmobile’s of all time, there are so many variations from all forms of entertainment including the Batmobile. However, we will only be taking a look at every theatrical version of this iconic […] More

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    Every Theatrical Batman Movie Ranked Worst to Best

    To celebrate Batman Day, we will be taking a look at every Batman film that has been given a true theatrical release and ranking them from the worst to the best. Despite how some might feel about the placement of these films, they are still considered influential and essential to the legacy of Batman. Good […] More

  • 10 Awful Mr. Freeze Puns from Batman Robin
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    10 Awful Mr. Freeze Puns from Batman & Robin

    What more can be said about the disastrous 1997 Batman & Robin film? If you are reading this, you have seen this film and for some reason you just wanted to revisit all of these terrible puns delivered by Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Ice Man, Mr. Freeze. After he was reinvented in Batman: The Animated […] More

  • Joel Schumacher
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    Batman Director Joel Schumacher Passes at 80

    Batman Forever and Batman & Robin director Joel Schumacher passed away at age 80 after his battle with cancer. Schumacher retired from directing films in 2011 after the release of his film Trespass starring Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman. However, he did make a brief directorial appearance in the Netflix series House of Cards in […] More