Every Upcoming Will Smith Project Affected By His 10 Year Oscars Ban

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Will Smith’s actions at the Oscars have finally met with the consequences. The actor who just received an Academy Award for his role in King Richards has been banned by the Academy. Though it is only for 10 years, that makes the actor’s future unsure. The actor had already resigned from the Academy and now they have banned him. He was working on a few projects with certain networks. But now they have been put on hold. The networks mostly did not wait for the ban to be announced to halt the projects. Here are a few of his upcoming projects that are affected by his ban.


Bad Boys 4 is affected by Will Smith’s ban

Will Smith ban affected Bad Boys 4
Bad Boys 4 is affected

Will Smith has been the main face of the Bad Boys franchise. The third entry and his team up with Martin Lawrence again had brought him success. Bad Boys for Life came out 25 years after the first film. Also, the fourth film of the series was announced in January 2020. The screenwriter of the movie had announced the news to The Hollywood Reporter. It was also reported that Will Smith was sent a 40-page incomplete script before the Oscar events happened. But post that sources have shared that the project is on hold, but no official statement has been released yet.

Emancipation might be affected by the ban

Will Smith's Emancipation halted
Will Smith’s Emancipation halted

A movie about the slavery of black people was soon to be released on AppleTV+. It is a thriller based on the story of a black man who escapes slavery. Though the release date was yet to be announced the director, Antoine Fuqua, said in a press release that came out on March 8, that film will release by the end of the year 2022. Also, AppleTV+ is the first streaming service to win Best Picture at the Oscars with CODA’s victory. But now it seems that Emancipation would be put on hold after the ban of Will Smith from the Academy.


I Am Legend 2 might be put on hold

Will Smith ban leads to halt of I Am Legend
I Am Legend sequel on hold

After the 2007 film, I Am Legend, Will Smith had recently announced working on its sequel along with Michael B. Jordon as its producer and co-star. Will Smith told Entertainment Tonight, “It was one of those ones I was gonna leave alone, and then I heard the idea.” Though not much has been revealed about the plot Will Smith said that he was quite impressed by it. And the concept was something that convinced the actor to work on it. But the movie has not found a director yet, based on the last update. Now, it might as well be put on hold.

Fast and Loose is halted too

Will Smith's Fast and Loose on hold
Will Smith’s Fast and Loose on hold

Netflix was working on a project Fast and Loose with Will Smith. It is about a crime boss who is experiencing memory loss. He later learns about his double life and that he is an undercover agent. But now the project has been put on hold after the oscar incident and the actor announcing his resignation from the Academy. It is yet unsure if the platform would go on with the project with a different actor.

Bright’s sequel might be affected too

Bright's sequel affected by Will Smith's ban
Bright’s sequel is affected by the ban

In 2017, Will Smith’s movie Bright is a sci-fi film that came out with Netflix as well. And a sequel of the film was announced the same year. In the project, the actor was to reprise his role along with Joel Edgerton. The movie was in the process of development with some delays with the actor being busy with other projects. But now the future of the project is unsure as the actor has been banned by the Academy and Netflix is already halting his above-mentioned project as well.


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