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“Everyone thought it’d be funny if we made the rocket pointy”: Elon Musk Revealed to Joe Rogan He Demanded SpaceX Rocket Be Made More Pointy after Watching ‘The Dictator’

"Everyone thought it'd be funny if we made the rocket pointy": Elon Musk Revealed to Joe Rogan He Demanded SpaceX Rocket Be Made More Pointy after Watching 'The Dictator'

Elon Musk is a renowned business magnate and investor. The new owner of Twitter had made headlines in the past for his Twitter takeover. The back-and-forth Twitter deal made news across the globe. The CEO of Tesla has an estimated net worth of $196 billion as of February 15, 2023. The business tycoon is well aware of the tactics to grab public’s attention for his own good. Musk made some shocking revelations about the alteration of his SpaceX rocket on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Musk decided to change the designs of the starships after watching the 2012 political black comedy film, The Dictator.

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Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon Musk Demanded A Pointy Starship

Musk loves to be on the news and manages to do that in one way or the other. Musk trended once again when he appeared on the famous Joe Rogan podcast and accepted the fact that he asked his engineers to make the rocket more pointy. Musk’s demands were the result of the 2012 movie, The Dictator

Joe Rogan questioned Elon Musk if he asked his engineers to make the starship more pointy solely because of the movie The Dictator. Musk accepted it and narrated the story of the instance of the movie which manipulated his decisions and starship design. On being asked if the manipulation of the starship head could affect the aerodynamics of the rocket then Musk honestly admitted that his decision of the pointy head had a slight disadvantage in comparison with the round head but added on saying it looked cooler. 

“They show him the new missile they have developed but it has kind of a round head, and he says, ‘You need to make it more pointy’, to his engineers. And actually, that’s also what I said, the same thing. You know, Starship, we need to make it more pointy. Yup and they know it too. It’s not like they haven’t – they’re unaware of it. Everyone thought it would be funny if we made the rocket more pointy, so we did. Na, we can make it way blunter and it’ll be fine. It’s arguably slightly worse, Yeah looks cool.”

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Joe Rogan and Elon Musk
Joe Rogan and Elon Musk

The Dictator Movie’s Pointy Rocket Trend

The 2012 movie, The Dictator, starred Sacha Baron Cohen as Aladeen, a brutal dictator. Cohen’s Aladeen went for a rocket inspection and marked that a rocket with a round head will not look dangerous to the enemy and they need a pointy rocket head to make it scarier. 

“It is too round on the top. It needs to be pointy. Round is not scary. Pointy is scary. This will put a smile on the faces of the enemy.”

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Elon Musk on The Dictator
Elon Musk on The Dictator

The Dictator was not a big hit at the time of its release but Musk’s statement has surely made it more popular. The instance clearly reflected the fun nature of Musk and how flexible and comfortable he is with his team.

Source: The Joe Rogan Experience 

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