EXCLUSIVE Batgirl Series coming to DC Universe

EXCLUSIVE Batgirl Series coming to DC Universe

The DC Universe has continued to impress fans with its content with Batman being one of the super popular superheroes in the genre. They have continued to improvise the character which only added much interest for fans as to what they’ll get next. And looks like the newest update is going to make you fly high. 

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An illustration of Batgirl in DC comics

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DC is Reportedly Bringing Batgirl TV Series!

DC character, Batgirl

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Insiders have suggested that the DC franchise is giving greenlight a Batgirl TV series which is set to release on their streaming service in 2020. It has been stated that the franchise is ready to kick off the thirteen-episode Batgirl series which will reportedly start filming in February.

As for who will be in charge of the new project, it is pointing towards Jessica Jones, who is now going to work for Warner Bros after signing a new deal with them. 

While the studio is yet to confirm the report, the popular character getting introduced in the franchise is not a surprise since the studio giant has been planning to welcome her for quite a while now.


If the studio went ahead with this project, it will then be produced alongside their exclusives including Swamp Thing, Titans, Stargirl, and Doom Patrol.

Meanwhile, a solo movie featuring Batman’s ally is currently in the works, however, its fate is currently on hold since filmmaker Joss Whedon was originally set to write and direct the project. His sudden departure surely affects the film’s future. 

Who is Batgirl?

DC comic character, Batgirl
DC’s comic character, Batgirl

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When it comes to who Batgirl is, everyone can only imagine our iconic girl, Barbara Gordon. But, in DC canon, several characters have used the Batgirl moniker including Stephanie Brown, and Cassandra Cain.

Gordon is the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon and a great ally to Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman. With a great upbringing, she is true to her values by being a great supporter of justice with her intellect and great sports background adding to her positive trait.

Gordon used the moniker until she was paralyzed during The Killing Joke. While her adventure went on hold for a while, she went back in good health to continue her journey. 


Her first encounter with the caped crusader happened when she met him at a ball only to get engaged in some action when villain Killer Moth crashed the party. She not only saved Batman but also the party thus impressing our hero with her skills. 

Given her amazing experiences, bringing her into the series would surely be a great step since fans have been fixated on having this character in the franchise. 

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