‘Expressing opinions without thinking… is appreciated’: Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Humiliates Himself, Disses His Own Movie

'Expressing opinions without thinking... is appreciated': Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Humiliates Himself, Disses His Own Movie
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Fan-favorite actor, Ryan Reynolds certainly knows how to maintain a social media presence. He is constantly in touch with his fans and not to mention the online troll war he and his wife, Blake Lively, have been in for years now. Recently he stirred the Internet by replying to a tweet from a certain Loki character and hyping the rumors about his upcoming movie, Deadpool 3.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Now, Ryan Reynolds is back with his trolls on Twitter, only this time the recipient of his jokes is he himself. Remember the 2005 movie, Just Friend starring Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, and Amy Smart? Well, he takes a dig at his own movie in one of his latest tweets.

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Ryan Reynolds Disses His Own Film

Ryan Reynolds just friends
Ryan Reynolds in Just Friends

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Just Friends, directed by Roger Kumble is a story about Chris Brander, played by Ryan Reynolds, finding love, losing it, and then finding it all over again. The high-school romantic comedy still doesn’t fail to tickle the tickle bone even after more than 15 years of its release. The once overweight teenager, who became a rich and successful womanizer after being rejected by his high-school crush, is still loved by many, and Reynolds had something to say about it.

A YouTuber, Joe Santagato tweeted on December 11 that Just Friends is the most underrated movie of all time. To this, Reynolds replied stating, “Expressing opinions without thinking is key and, in this case, appreciated!” While saying that he did appreciate Santagato’s opinion, he also made it seem that not thinking much about the question was a wise thing to do.


Reynolds’ fans came to the movie’s rescue stating that the movie was way better than what it seems like at first glance, and could possibly even be a staple among Christmas movies.



Looks like even after seventeen years since the movie’s release, fans cannot get over how much they enjoyed watching it. Reynolds certainly has a loyal fan following!

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A Just Friends Sequel?

Ryan Reynolds Amy Smart
Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in Just Friends

Well, it might be a bit ridiculous to think a movie released in 2005 will now be getting picked up for a sequel, especially since the lead actor himself is onto bigger and better things. However, his ex-co-star, Amy Smart who played the character of Jamie is certainly one who wants the sequel to become a thing of reality.


Smart stated that while she hasn’t heard anything about a sequel, fans do ask her if it would ever happen. She added that she would love to be a part of the sequel, stating they could be parents in the second addition. Smart called it a matter of time before the sequel might happen.

“Fans of the movie do ask, but I have not heard anything. I would love so much to do a sequel. And I think at this point it would just be so much fun. I mean, at this point, we’d be parents in it. There could be so much comedy happening. So, maybe it’s just a matter of time till Roger Kumble wants to make a sequel.”

Smart also stated that she believes Reynolds could also be a part of the sequel as it would be lots of fun to have the cast reunited. The question though, is even if a Just Friends sequel happens, will the Deadpool actor be willing to go back to play Chris? Well, if Smart is right, it’s only a matter of time before this question is answered.

Just Friends is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video.


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