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Extraction 2 Gets Official Release Date as Chris Hemsworth All Set to Break Records Once Again

Back in 2020, the world saw the release of Netflix’s Extraction, a Chris Hemsworth-starrer action-thriller film that broke several records. Almost 10 months ago, back on September 25th of 2021, Netflix released a short TUDUM teaser for the sequel, which has accumulated millions of views. The director of the film, Joe Russo promised a new identity to Extraction 2, claiming how “different” it is in comparison to its first installment. Now that the filming process has been done and dusted with, there’s an expected date of release we should be looking out for.

Extraction 2 gets an official release date
Extraction 2 gets an official release date

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Extraction 2 Official Release Date

The premise of the first movie revolved around the novel Ciudad by Ande Parks. In the movie, we saw the story of a former Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) veteran, Tyler Rake (played by Chris Hemsworth) who is a black-market mercenary appointed to help in a rescue mission — specifically to save the son of a Mumbai drug-lord. The first installment saw a memorable cast, which featured notable Bollywood actors such as Randeep Hooda and Pankaj Tripathi, alongside Hollywood actors like Stranger Things’ David Harbour. Fans are now prepared for the second installment of a story that is worth its further serialization.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

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As for the release date, the film is reportedly scheduled for a 2023 release on Netflix — which, fortunately for fans of the first movie, is not too far from reach. Next year will mark the return of the record-breaking movie.

Chris Hemsworth Is All-Set To Break Records

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
Chris Hemsworth in Extraction

While many regarded the film as another reused case of the known White-Savior trope, it is undeniable that the movie is responsible for having broken many Netflix records. The success of this has been majorly associated with Chris Hemsworth and his acting brilliance. Starting from the stunts to the overarching narrative, Hemsworth proved how he is an all-rounder, fit for it all.

Director Joe and Anthony Russo at the primere of Avengers: Endgame (2019).
Director Anthony and Joe Russo

The announcement for the release date was accompanied by the news that Netflix’s recent release The Gray Man is also receiving a sequel, as well as a spin-off film. Seems like creating a universe of unforgettable characters is not a hard task for producers of Extraction, Joe and Anthony Russo, as they embark on another journey to establish projects like Extraction and The Gray Man into proper series.

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While the premise of the Extraction sequel remains hush-hush, fans can anticipate an unexpected style to the second installment, as Joe Russo commented on expanding the overall narrative, changing the thematic storytelling process, and experimenting around with the tone of the upcoming 2023 movie.

While we all await the release of the potentially record-breaking film, you can watch the teaser for Extraction 2 below:

Source: Collider