Russo Brothers Reveal MCU Phase 5 Will Be Full of ‘Experimentation, Risks, Diversity’


Russo Brothers want Marvel to continue experimenting in phase 5. With the Disney+ series, WandaVision that came out in January 2021, the Marvel Phase 4 began. The release of Thor: Love and Thunder is now well underway with many other series and movies to follow. Under Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios has grown and been highly successful at the box office. Avengers: Endgame is now the second highest-grossing movie of all time. The Russo Brothers helmed the movie along with its prequel Infinity War.

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Russo Brothers share what they hope to see in MCU phase 5
Russo Brothers share what they hope to see in MCU phase 5

There’s word going around that the two will be working on another project with Marvel soon. They recently talked about MCU’s phase 5.


Russo Brothers talk about the MCU’s Phase 5

Joe and Anthony Russo have given Marvel Studios their biggest blockbuster. Now the two are hopefully coming back and recently they shared their thoughts on phase 5 of MCU. In a recent video uploaded by Variety on Twitter, the two answered the interviewer’s question as he asked the duo what they want to see in phase 5 of Marvel. The two said:

Joe Russo: “Oh wow.”
Anthony Russo: “Just more of what they’re doing. Just more adventurousness, exploration, experimentation. Just taking us to surprising places.”
Joe Russo: “Risks, diversity, everything that they’re doing, yeah.”

The Endgame directors like Marvel phase 4's experimentation
The Endgame directors like Marvel phase 4’s experimentation

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The two were attending the premiere of their recent film, The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling. The two hope that the studio continues to experiment and continue with the inclusion of diversity. Though many have claimed the “wokeness” of the studio would hurt it, the Emmys, the box office, and Disney+ numbers seem to disagree. Even the Russo Brothers do too.

What can be expected in MCU Phase 5?

Phase 4 of Marvel has not only opened the studio to multiple possibilities with the inclusion of the multiverse and introduction of new heroes but has also allowed the studio to experiment. The superheroes in Marvel are now far more diverse with the inclusion of Ms. Marvel, who is a Muslim superhero, and America Chavez, an LGBT+ superhero.

MCU phase 4 has included more diversity and new superheroes
MCU phase 4 has included more diversity and new superheroes

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Also, allowing directors to add their elements to superhero movies and series some new aspects. Moon Knight and Loki totally stood out from most Marvel projects in the past. Even Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had a lot of Sam Raimi elements to it that made the movie a little horror too. The fans seem to approve of it and even the Russo Brothers appreciate it too.


Source: @Variety on Twitter


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