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Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie Gives First Complete Look of the Sinister Dark Flash

Ezra Miller's The Flash Movie Gives First Complete Look of the Sinister Dark Flash

One of summer 2023’s highly anticipated movies from the DC universe has to be The Flash. The film is said to be based on the iconic Flashpoint event in DC comics where Barry Allen aka The Flash meets new versions of Batman and Superman as well as himself while striving to save the multiverse from collapsing. A lot though has happened between filming and release with controversies surrounding the personal life of Ezra Miller, the bombshell announcement of Henry  Cavill’s departure, and the introduction of Sasha Calle as Supergirl. Nevertheless, the trailer has garnered immense viewership. The hype has only grown with DC head James Gunn and his team tempting the fans with exciting titbits about the movie.

The Flash characters
Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, and Sasha Calle in The Flash

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The Dark Flash look has been revealed by Funko Pop

As we all know, The Flash will see the scarlet speedster take on multiple versions of himself in alternate universes. Fans and DC comic buffs have been eagerly waiting to see the superhero fight his sinister avatar and now their first clue to seeing Dark Flash has been revealed. It is common knowledge that with the impending release of these films, superhero toys, and merchandise sales are sky-high. Toy manufacturer Mattel is even looking to make movies out of their toy collections like hot wheels. Now, popular merchandise manufacturer Funko Pop has revealed their first look at the Dark Flash figurine, the sinister villain who is expected to fight Barry Allen.

The Flash Villian
Dark Flash-Graphic Artwork

At first sight, the image looks like The Flash might be fighting his evil twin, like Spiderman vs Venom or Hulk vs Abomination. But if connoisseurs and experts of DC comics are to be believed, this character will be very significant in the future development of storylines in the Flash and DC universes. While the reveal of Dark Flash by Funky Pop may be considered a spoiler, it possibly will not dampen the excitement of hardcore fans of the franchise.

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Who is the Dark Flash? The possibilities are many

From the initial interpretations of the trailer, it looks to be Michael Shannon’s Zod who will torment Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen as the main villain. But with the first look at The Dark Flash images coupled with reports coming in, it appears that Zod may just be the secondary antagonist here. In the original comics, The Flash locked horns with Dark Flash also known as Black Flash whereas, in the CW television series The Flash, Hunter Zolomon turned into the Dark Flash.

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

There are also theories materializing among fandoms that Barry Allen who does not have his speedster powers at the beginning of the movie, will receive them only to subsequently turn into Dark Flash. According to sources, this could be due to the time manipulation that creates the alternate flashpoint timeline. With multiple interpretations being discussed in the leadup to the film, June 16th, 2023, is the date that all will be revealed.

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Source: The Direct

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