14 Facts About Your Favorite TV Shows To Make You Question Reality


We all watch TV shows and have our own set of favorite shows which we follow and adore. But do you think you know every hidden fact about those TV shows? Below are Facts About Your Favorite TV Shows To Make You Question Reality.

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1. In A Friends Episode “The One Where No One’s Ready.” Matt Le Blanc Dislocated His Shoulder. While Filming A Scene Where Joey And Chandler Were Fighting Over The Chair. During One Take, Joey Jumps And lands On The Chair In Such A Way That It Resulted In Matt’s Shoulder Dislocation.

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2. Michele Clapton, The Costume Designer In ‘Game Of Thrones’, Revealed That The Night’s Watch Furs Are Rugs From Ikea. Michele Said That The Rugs Were Shaved And Dyed And Then Wore-In As Costumes.

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3. On The Sets Of Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel Didn’t Like Coffee. Therefore, She Used To Drink Soda Instead Of Coffee. On The Other Hand, Lauren Graham Loved Coffee And Used To Drink A Lot Of Coffee During Scenes.

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4. Sarah Jessica Parker From Sex And The City Wore A Tutu During The Opening Credits In The Series, Which Became Very Famous, Costing Just $5. Patricia Field, The Show’s Stylist, Revealed That She Found The Iconic Piece Just Before Filming The Opening Credits In A Bargain Store.

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5. In Grey’s Anatomy, In Some Scenes, Whenever You See An Extreme Close Up Of Doctor’s Hands, Real Surgeons Were Brought To Perform The Scene. Also, The Organs Which Were Shown In Some Scenes Were Real Cow Organs.


6. Gillian Anderson, The Lead Actress In The X-Files, Had To Stand On An Apple Box As She Was So Much Shorter Than David Duchovny. Gillian Used The Box To Reduce The Height Difference Between The Two. She Was Around 10 Inches Shorter Than David.

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7. The Bayside High School set from Saved by the Bell Was Also Used In That’s So Raven and iCarly. Also, In That’s So Raven, The High School Is Even Called Bayside.

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8. In ‘Boy Meets World’, Shawn And Eric Rarely Had Scenes Alone Together Because Rider Strong And Will Friedle Couldn’t Make Eye Contact And Would Always Start Laughing. Their Laughs Were Uncontrollable. They Couldn’t Even Make A Straight Face.

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9. Ted Danson Attended A Bartending School In California For Two Weeks To Prepare For His Role As Sam In ‘Cheers’.

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10. In The Famous TV Show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Episode “Something Blue”, The Engagement Which Was Happening Behind Robin And Ted Was Real.  They Were Sitting As Extras And Were Great Fans Of The Show.

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11. Lloyd Braun, An Ex ABC Executive, Had The Initial Idea Of The Show ‘Lost’. Lloyd Also Voiced The “Previously, on Lost…” Part, Which Appeared Before Every Episode.

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12. Queen Elizabeth II’s Mother Was Such A Huge Fan Of The Golden Girls. Once The Cast Was Asked To Recreate Some Scenes For Her, Live At The London Palladium.

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13. ‘Montauk’ Was The Original Title Of The Show ‘Stranger Things‘ Because Of The Montauk Project, A Conspiracy Theory About Psychological Experiments Conducted On Children By The US Government.


14. Ending The List Of Facts About Your Favorite TV Shows To Make You Question Reality, With A Very Interesting Fact About Jay Jackson. Jay Was A Newscaster IRL Before Playing The Role Of Perd Hapley In Parks And Rec. He Spent 22 Years As A Reporter At KCAL 9 News In Los Angeles.

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