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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Is Sharon Carter The Power Broker?

Wanna know about Sharon Carter?

Before we begin, anybody who has not seen the third episode, SPOILERS AHEAD!!.

Emily VanCamp is back as Agent Sharon Carter in the most recent episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. From the looks of it, she might serve as a big help to the trio, Bucky, Sam, and Zemo. In any case, like her deceiving Steve Rogers into speculating that she was his neighbor, as opposed to a Shield Agent, it shows that there may many be undiscovered facts that we don’t know about, yet. Dive in!!


Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Is Sharon Carter The Power Broker?
Power Broker

The third episode, The Power Broker, surprised the audience by showing the unpredictable collaboration of Winter Soldier, Falcon, and Zemo. They seem to collaborate to discover all the secrets, the island country of Madripoor, has within. If fans can recall well, Madripoor is not new in the X-Men universe. Could this be another sign about mutants joining the MCU? This has to excite every X-Men and MCU fan out there.

On the island, the Power Broker has all the authority and are regarded as the “rulers” of the island . Zemo explains that everyone is answerable to them and that they’re the “judge, jury, and killers” in Madripoor.



We all know that she was on the radar since the civil war, and she took a lot of effort to get herself off the chart. She also mentioned how she did not have the Avengers to help her unlike Bucky and Sam. The third episode does a good job by bringing the audience up to the pace, in a hilarious way. Especially when, Sharon mentions how she stole Cap’s shield and Falcon’s wings in Civil War.

Moreover, Sharon life in Madripoor looks to be turned out to be great for her. The extravagant house in High Town loaded up with costly craftsmanship cries for the same. The scene where we saw Sharon rescuing the trio during their meet with Selby from a lethal assault. And the we way she claims to be present at the scene so conveniently, strongly hints in believing that she is POWER BROKER.

Are Bucky And Sam In Trouble?

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Is Sharon Carter The Power Broker?
Secret talks

Remember the end scene from the third episode? While talking to another lady, Sharon mentions having a “couple” of problems. With that, is she indicating the problem to be with Sam and Bucky? The mood this scene sets in puts everyone is a tensed situation (including them). If Sharon turns them in, what does this really mean for her? What are her real motives?

All of these questions are in your head too, aren’t they? We might just have to wait (desperately) for the next episode, to know the answers to these questions. Sit tight!


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