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Falcon & Winter Soldier Cast If It Was A 90s Series

Let’s reimagine how The Falcon and The Winter Soldier cast would look like if it was a ’90s series. The second instalment to Marvel’s collection on Disney+ was The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The show continued the trend of putting our favorite sideline characters in the spotlight. We saw Sebastian Stan return as Bucky and Anthony Mackie finally becoming the new Captain America. However, today, let’s reimagine The Falcon and The Winter Soldier cast from the ’90s perspective. Check it out!

1. Will Smith as Sam Wilson

Considering Will Smith’s rising popularity in the ’90s, he would have made a great Sam Wilson. Mackie’s Wilson showed every aspect of human emotion in the Disney+ series. So if the show was to be made in the ’90s, then Smith could have been a great addition.

2. Keanu Reeves as Bucky Barnes

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Cast If It Was A 90s Series
The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Cast If It Was A 90s Series

Sebastian Stan instantly became a fan favorite for the MCU fans. Seeing him in the Disney+ series was no less than a feast. However, back in the day, Keanu Reeves would have been the perfect fit for the role of Bucky Barnes. The reason is that he’s great at playing the silent types of heroes, and of course, excels at the action.

3. Matt Damon as John Walker

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Cast If It Was A 90s Series
The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Cast If It Was A 90s Series

Damon was somewhat at the peak of such roles in the ’90s with projects like Saving Private Ryan and Good Will Hunting. So, having Damon play a hero that everyone roots for, just like John Walker, would be a great choice.

4. Thandiwe Newton as Karli Morgenthau

Imagining Newton as Karli Morgenthau, a villain who’s complicated due to her layered mentality, would be a treat. She was already impressing people with projects such as Flirting. So she makes a great addition to the list.

5. Peter Stormore as Baron Zemo

Stormare was the go-to-villains in the ’90s, mainly because of Fargo. Even though Daniel Brühl did a great job, Stormare as well could bring a lot of variety to just this one role simply because Zemo as a character is simple yet complicated.

6. Sidney Poitier as Isaiah Bradley

Just the thought of having Poitier in a superhero story is blissful because he’s an acting legend with projects like In The Heat of the Night. The overall aspect of the character fits his job description perfectly.

7. Theresa Randle as Sarah Wilson

You must be remembering Randle from hits such as Bad Boys and Spawn. The reason why she would be perfect for the role of Sarah Wilson is that she brings the required sincerity to her roles.

8. John Leguizamo as Joaquin Torres

Leguizamo is easily the right fit for the role of Torres considering the variety of roles he played in the ’90s. His ability to inject the high voltage of energy in his roles makes him the right choice.

9. Sarah Polley as Sharon Carter

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Cast If It Was A 90s Series
The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Cast If It Was A 90s Series

Even though Polley is now an acclaimed filmmaker, there was a time where she was known for her darker roles such as in Go. So, having her in the series as Sharon Carter makes perfect sense. The dark side of the character is made for Polley if the show was curated in the ’90s.

10. Candice Bergen as Val

If we actualy had to bring someone to replace the ever-so-great Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the only name that comes to mind is the ’90s television icon Candice. In her time, she was starring in Murphy Brown. The fierce quality required to carry out the role could be offered by Bergen.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht