Fallout’s 1st Season Beats The Last of Us in 1 Important Way that Could Make Season 2 a Stand Out Success

Fallout TV show is reported to have a higher budget than The Last of Us.

Fallout's 1st Season Already Beats The Last of Us and it's Not Even Out Yet


  • Fallout TV show debuted on Amazon Prime on April 11th and has received mostly positive reviews.
  • The show reportedly has a budget of $153 million, much more than The Last of Us.
  • The Last of Us is reported to have cost approximately $10-$15 million per episode.
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Fallout, the latest video game to be adapted into a TV show has only been available for a few days on Amazon Prime. However, it already has a leg up on another popular video game adaptation, HBO’s The Last of Us.


This is due to the Fallout TV show having a higher budget for the season than The Last of Us with an overall budget of $153 million as per Variety, while TLOU had a reported budget of between $10-$15 million per episode per Collider.

Fallout Budget VS The Last of Us Budget

Amazon's Fallout TV show debuts this month on Prime.
Amazon’s Fallout TV show debuts this month on Prime.

As per an article published by Variety, it has been learned that Amazon/MGM’s adaptation of Bethesda’s Fallout was made with a budget of $153 million for its 8-episode season. Having filmed its first season in New York and partially in Utah, Amazon has been awarded $25 million in tax credits by the California Film Commission.


This means production in the next season is expected to relocate to California. This budget is larger than that of HBO’s TLOU which, per Collider, had a reported budget of between 10-15 million dollars for its 9-episode first season. However, TLOU season 2 is likely going to have a bigger budget due to the first season’s success meaning it could take the edge over Fallout‘s first season.

As mentioned above, Amazon/MGM has a pretty big budget, especially for a TV show and it is clear to see why as just from the trailers alone that the show will feature some pretty fantastic visuals, including but not limited to the nuclear war scene that will likely open the series.

There are things like the Brotherhood of Steel’s airship, The Caswennan and it’s easy to see where this budget has been used. While a large portion of the series utilizes a lot of practical effects and sets, it is fair to say that CGI enhancements are present including CGI models and backdrops.


What’s Next for Fallout on Amazon Prime?

A glimpse into the live-action wasteland in Fallout.

With the show’s debut on Amazon Prime this month, fans are eager to know what’s in store for the future of this latest video game adaptation. Given the early reception to the show, it’s fair to say that critics and fans alike have taken this show very well citing excellent storytelling, great acting, and some breathtaking visuals.

With another season all but confirmed at this point many wonder where the next season could go and what lore could be explored. Given the many games in the series, there’s plenty to pick from for Season 2 to adapt.

Fallout Season 1 debuted on Amazon Prime on April 11th and has since proven to be a big hit for not only the franchise, given the sour taste left by FO76‘s initial release but also the streaming service as the show receives positive reviews from critics and fans alike, meaning a season 2 is looking more and more likely.


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