Famous Actors Who Flat Out Refuse To Work In The Same Project

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Not everybody in the star world gets along well. We’ve all seen the publicized Twitter spats and rap tussles, but there are also personal disagreements between celebrities that push them to despise one another. While performing together, these actors occasionally discover how much they dislike each other, but they stick around because they need to finish the job. However, once the project is completed, these superstars swear that they will never work together again. Here are 5 famous actors that have refused to participate in the same project:


1. Sean Combs finds it awkward to work with Jennifer Lopez

Famous actors who cannot stand each other
The bitter ex-couple: Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs were briefly romantically involved, but their romance fell flat, leaving both sides bitter. Combs turned down the chance to be a judge on the 13th season of American Idol because he didn’t want to work with Lopez. He was believed to have mixed thoughts about being on the same jury as his ex, and even described it as awkward. The scenario was eventually considered as a “me or her” predicament. Combs gently declined the offer as a consequence.

2. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte cannot stand each other

Famous actors who cannot work together
I Love Trouble co-stars: Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte.

The above-mentioned film was originally intended to be a romcom, but thanks to terrible animosity between the famous actors, it was transformed into a mystery thriller. According to reports, Roberts and Nolte couldn’t tolerate one another while filming, resulting in hostile conduct. According to reports, Roberts was enraged by Nolte’s macho culture and threw multiple tantrums, while Nolte disliked his co-star’s behavior and went out of his way to irritate her. While Disney attempted to deny any problems, the pair’s subsequent interviews confirmed the claims.


3. Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams did not get along at all

Famous actors in Hollywood who cannot work together.
One of Hollywood’s power couples in the nineties: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

Director Nick Cassavetes admitted that during the filming of one especially important sequence in the film, Gosling approached him and pleaded with him to remove her from the room and bring in another substitute to read off-screen before adding, ‘I can’t do it with her. I’m just not getting anything from this’. The two were then forced together in a meeting to work out their disagreements, and everything went just as you’d anticipate. According to Cassavetes, “they started screaming and yelling at each other,” and the filmmaker had no choice but to leave the area as “they had it out.”

4. Janet Hubert had to be replaced from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air due to Will Smith

Hollywood's famous actors who can't stand each other.
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-stars: Will Smith and Janet Hubert.

Aunt Viv was played on the show by Janet Hubert until 1993 before she was replaced by Daphne Reid. Smith and his young co-stars were unnecessarily rude to Hubert while production, as per the sources and even Hubert herself. In a 1993 interview, Smith dismissed Hubert’s charges, alleging she was the one who had a poor attitude while filming.

5. Terrence Howard was allegedly removed from the Iron Man film franchise due to Robert Downey Jr.

Famous actors who cannot be on the same project.
Iron Man co-stars: Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard.

It’s become very hard to determine how tense their relationship is based on interviews throughout the years. For the first Iron Man movie, Howard was paid roughly $4.5 million. After his character’s sequences were drastically shortened for the second picture, he was promised far less and turned it down. With passing time, Howard appears to hold Downey Jr. accountable, claiming that he took all the money which forced Howard out of the sequels. There appears to be considerable animosity between them, making a reconnection of the famous actors doubtful.


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