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Famous Actors Who Made The Big Switch from Movies To Shows (& Still Killed It)

It is common for actors to switch from movies to TV. But sometimes some actors, who are known to be famous movie stars but switched from movies to shows. As there has been a change in viewership, people are shifting to watching TV and series. With TV networks taking more risks now and exploring newer concepts, TV has gained far more popularity.

Another benefit that is it gives actors longer projects to work on. And they can explore more. Here are a few actors who decided to switch from movies to TV.

Meryl Streep returned to TV after becoming a movie star

Meryl Streep switched from movies to shows
Meryl Streep

One of the best actresses of the time, Meryl Streep has worked in over 50 movies and was nominated for 20 Oscars. She is a versatile actress and can play any role flawlessly, no matter what the character or role is. But one of her breakthrough roles was in the 1978 miniseries Holocaust. And has been a guest actor in the series, Web Therapy. But the actress decided to finally switch to TV with the series The Nix. It is being produced by J.J. Abrams and based on Nathan Hill’s novel of the same name.

Scarlett Johannsen is exploring TV shows

Scarlett Johannsen switched from movies to shows
Scarlett Johannsen

Known to be one of the most popular actresses of today. She is a movie star who plays all kinds of roles in movies. But now the actress plans to explore the smaller screen as well. The Black Widow of Avengers is the Executive Producer of the TV movie The Custom of the Country and is also starring in it. The series is based on the book of the same name by Edith Wharton. The movie star has worked with one of the best Hollywood directors and she has reached a point where she can choose her projects on her own.

Paul Giamatti killed it in TV shows

Paul Giamatti switched from movies to shows
Paul Giamatti

We have seen Paul Giamatti in a number of films. And movies like American Splendor and Sideways made him a big movie star. But that does not mean that actors have been away from the smaller screen. He has been a part of shows like Homeland and Billions. Not just acting, he has been producing a number of TV shows as well. He has been the executive producer of Outsiders and Lodge 49. He once said in an interview, “Because there is so much space and competition, I think people just have become more open and willing to go to places. There are more oddball shows.”

Julia Roberts switched to TV shows too

Julia Roberts switched from movies to shows
Julia Roberts

One of the famous actors in Hollywood who can be trusted with all kinds of roles, Julia Roberts killed as a TV star. She has made guest appearances in a number of shows like Law & Order. And TV movies like The Normal Heart. But then she starred in Amazon’s Homecoming. Playing the role of Heidi Bergman and she aced it. She did an excellent job and impressed the viewers with her acting skills which were no different from the magic she creates on the big screen.

Winona Ryder rocked it as a show actor

Winona Ryder switched from movies to shows
Winona Ryder

Majorly known as a movie actor, Winona Ryder has made the big switch by shifting from movies and playing a major role in Netflix’s series Stranger Things. The series is about a young boy Will Byers who mysteriously disappears. And the actress plays his mom. The way she has presented the emotions of a mother who is struggling to get her son back is just stunning to watch. It was an intense performance but nothing is hard of a star like Winona Ryder. She makes the unbelievable look real.

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