Famous Feuds: 10 Superhero Celebs From Marvel & DC Who Can’t Stand Each Other

Not all celebrities involved in the superhero business embody that same camaraderie and heroic spirit. Petty feuds and quarrels are a dime a dozen.

Suicide Squad – Viola Davis & Jared Leto

The movie was a critical and financial failure. And Jared Leto‘s method acting did not make things easy for anyone either. Leto’s technique needed for him to stay in character all the time. And he stuck to the Joker’s psyche by traumatizing his co-stars with weird gifts when not on roll. Leto sent Davis live rats, and bullets as gifts. Davis went on record to say she had a pepper spray with her at all times when Leto was around.

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Rise Of The Silver Surfer – Jessica Alba & Tim Story

Apparently Tim Story was so shallow while directing the Fantastic Four sequel that even Alba ended up hating him. Story said Alba’s acting was too real and her face was too pretty. That they needed to use CGI to rope in emotions on her face. This was the point where Alba started questioning her acting skills and almost quit the profession.

Thor: The Dark World – Natalie Portman & Alan Taylor

The original choice for Marvel Studios for directing Thor 2 was Patty Jenkins, Director of Wonder Woman. But Jenkins’ vision was to turn Thor 2 into a romantic story about long distance relationships. Marvel did not like the idea and fired her, replacing Jenkins with Alan Taylor. Portman hated him and tried getting out of the movie. She couldn’t because of her contract.

X-Men: The Last Stand – Ellen Page & Brett Ratner

Regardless of your views on sexual orientation, you must accept the fact that people are allowed to have some privacy. Their life is not a story for others to say in front of an interview without permission. That was exactly what happened with Ellen Page. Brett Ratner, director of The last Stand, outed Page as gay in an interview. She claimed this sudden breach pf privacy regarding her personal life made her feel violated and betrayed.

Batman Forever – Tommy Lee Jones & Jim Carrey

Both are wonderful actors who were forced to give an over the top performance in this movie. It seems Jones hated Carrey from the beginning. Tommy Lee Jones was type-cast into the old and grumpy role of two face. When Carrey tried saying hello to him in a restaurant, Jones pulled Carrey closer and told him personally that he hated him and his “buffoonery”.

Iron Man – Jeff Bridges & Robert Downey Junior

One fact about Iron man we bet you didn’t know was Jon Favreau was working on the scrip even when the movie was being filmed. So most of the dialogues in the film were improvised. Jeff Bridges, who plays Obadiah Stane in the film, hated improv acting. he hated RDJ even more because he was such a natural at it.

Blade: Trinity – Wesley Snipes & Ryan Reynolds

Wesley Snipes rose to international success after the success of the Blade movies. But he was supposedly a nightmare on set. He refused to open his eyes during filming and tried strangling David S Goyer, the Director in his trailer. Wesley Snipes did not have a good rapport with Ryan Reynolds either, repeatedly referring to him as “The Cracker”.

Superman – Christopher Reeve & Marlon Brando

According to Reeve, who plays Superman, Marlon Brando was not giving the character of Jor-El. Superman’s father, his best shot. During a recorded interview, the veteran actor claimed Marlon Brando was just “in it for the money”.

Batman Forever – Val Kilmer & Joel Schumacher

Val Kilmer, just like Wesley Snipes in Blade, was also very insufferable on sets. Kilmer, according to Schumacher – director of Batman Forever, was extremely “childish”. He was rude and inappropriate with most of the camera crew and cast members during filming. The Director still does not wish to be in contact with Kilmer.

Iron Man – Terrence Howard & Robert Downey Junior

Howard claimed Marvel Studios was being discriminatory when it comes to deciding the paycheck. he said RDJ was being paid more than him, forgetting the fact that RDJ was the lead while he was a supporting character. When filming for Iron Man 2 began, Marvel Studios reportedly lowered his paycheck and he flared it. RDJ refused to back his co-star up and Marvel replaced him with Don Cheadle.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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