Fantastic Four: 16 Fan Casts For Marvel Studios Upcoming Film

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We humans love to fantasize about things that will never come true. But, if they come true it will be the greatest feeling ever. Yes, you have guessed it right! I’m talking about fan casts of Fantastic Four. Some are stunning, some are perfect, some are funny, and some are absurd. Here are 16 fan casts of Fantastic Four that might come true.


1. Let’s be honest for a minute. These will make a hilarious and powerful star cast ever made in the history of cinema.

Fantastic Four

2. Perfect! They share great chemistry both on-screen and off-screen. It will be so alluring to watch them as Sue and Reed.

3. Pretty intense! One of the coolest fan cast ever.

4. Lmao!!! The movie runtime itself is very hard to imagine.

5. I wish this would happen. Joking! It would be a one-man show. Tom Holland all the way!

Fantastic Four

6. Smart choice! Jim Rash will best complement the Silver Surfer.

Fantastic Four

7. Harry for Johnny Storm is a genius move, and Jason Statham is the right fit for Ben Grimm, especially when he transforms into a scary goalie in the Mean Machine.


8. The classic star cast ever. I wish someone would make this come true.

9. Everything is fine, but wouldn’t it be weird if siblings are of different races.

10. Awww! The Muppets. Cuteness overloaded.


11. Is this the star cast of the funniest Fantastic Four movie ever made?

12. Wait what? Oh! That’s fantastic.

13. What if the Fantastic Four were more of a rock band? Just imagine! Fantastic Four with rock music. Wackiest film ever made.

Fantastic Four

14. Yaaay! D’Arcy Carden. It will turn out to be the cutest Fantastic Four movie.


15. The most mouth-watering cast ever.

Fantastic Four

16. Epic!!! Just imagine Godzilla and Kong together. It will set the screens on fire.


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