Fans Absolutely Hated Mary Jane Watson Selling Her Marriage to Mephisto But This Should be the Perfect Marvel Comic to Read on Valentine’s Day

A controversial plot twist sparks outcry. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows offers an ideal Valentine's Day escape for comic enthusiasts.

Fans Absolutely Hated Mary Jane Watson Selling Her Marriage to Mephisto But This Should be the Perfect Marvel Comic to Read on Valentine's Day


  • Amazing Spider-Man; Renew Your Vows offers a romantic escape with Peter Parker and Mary Jane, amidst a universe where love conquers all.
  • The series explores alternate realities and expands the Spider-family, delighting fans seeking classic Spider-Man dynamics.
  • Joe Quesada allegedly spearheaded the decision to dissolve Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's marriage in the One More Day storyline.
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In the world of comic book aficionados, few storylines have sparked as much fervor and debate as the notorious One More Day saga. Here, Mary Jane Watson struck a Faustian pact with the malevolent Mephisto, obliterating her matrimonial tie to Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man, from the annals of existence.


This narrative upheaval broke the fan base, leaving it fractured and yearning for a resurgence of the cherished Spider-Man familial dynamic. Picture a cosmos where such desires materialize, a domain where love vanquishes sinister bargains, and the union of Peter, Mary Jane, and their progeny perseveres.

Enter Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, an ideal Valentine’s Day indulgence for enthusiasts craving a saga of enduring affection amidst superhuman tribulations.


Amazing Spider-Renew Your Vows: Marvel’s Perfect Valentine’s Day Comic Pick

It’s Valentine’s Day, and comic enthusiasts are craving some love-themed escapades. Enter Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, a comic series nestled in Marvel’s trove, offering the perfect romantic getaway for fans.

In a universe where love triumphs over evil, the story reignites the enduring love between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

In a controversial twist, Spider-Man and Mary Jane once made a deal with Mephisto, erasing their marriage to save Aunt May. Fans were outraged then, and their discontent still lingers.

 Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Credit: Marvel

Yet, a glimmer of hope emerged during Secret Wars, where an alternate reality showcased a happier outcome for the couple, with a daughter, Annie Parker.

The popularity of Renew Your Vows spawned an ongoing series, set in an alternate Earth, expanding the Spider-family dynamic. Fans reveled in seeing Mary Jane and Annie step into their own as superheroes.

For those yearning for the classic Peter and MJ dynamic, or disenchanted with recent twists, Renew Your Vows is a must-read. But why did Marvel dismantle the beloved marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane?


It’s a question that still echoes among fans, driving curiosity and debate.

What Led To Marvel’s Decision To Dismantle Peter Parker And Mary Jane’s Marriage?

Marvel’s decision to break up Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s marriage stirred up quite a buzz. Fans were left scratching their heads, wondering about the creative vision behind this move and what it meant for their favorite characters.

But allegedly, it wasn’t Marvel who called the shots on this one, it was Joe Quesada. He’s the guy folks point fingers at for the infamous One More Day storyline.

Peter Parker And Mary Jane
Peter Parker and Mary Jane, (image credit: Marvel Comics)

Rumor has it, that the writers weren’t big fans of Peter and MJ tying the knot. They felt it made Spidey seem too old and might turn off younger readers.

So, they cooked up One More Day, and boy, did it shake things up. Suddenly, the stories in Amazing Spider-Man took a nosedive in quality for a good while. It felt like all the character growth and epic moments were just tossed out the window.

Think about it, all the trials and tribulations Peter endured, the evolution of MJ’s character, even Aunt May’s journey, poof, gone in a flash. And for what?


Some writers argued that Peter and MJ’s marriage wasn’t essential for telling great stories, like Superior Spider-Man.

But whether you’re team breakups or team let them be, there’s no denying that this decision reshaped the Spider-Man universe. It’s a moment that’s carved into comic book history, sparking debates and leaving a lasting mark on fans everywhere.


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