Fans Are Already Believing Dandadan to Be a Better Anime Than Chainsaw Man Because of Its “MCU Tier Color Design”

Dandadan's trailer has made the fans believe that it will be much better than Chainsaw Man in terms of visualization.

Fans Are Already Believing Dandadan to Be a Better Anime Than Chainsaw Man Because of Its “MCU Tier Color Design”


  • Dandadan is one such manga from which the fandom has a lot of expectations from and with the latest trailer launch of the anime adaptation, the fans are in a frenzy.
  • Yukinobu Tatsu's Dandadan belongs to the Shonen manga and fantasy genre has a unique plot with humans investigation aliens and ghosts, and is being considered better than Chainsaw Man.
  • After Dandadan's trailer launch, the fans have started to overflow social media platforms with praise about the color palette and how great it looks in comparison to Chainsaw Man.
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Dandadan is one such manga that readily deserves an anime adaptation. It is one of the best ongoing manga, and its picture aesthetics are top-notch. The fans have already started to express their views regarding the manga and how great it would be when they can finally experience it on-screen. Dandadan recently released its trailer, and it shook the anime fandom.


Yukinobu Tatsu’s magnum opus has already done its homework. In 2024, the anime will be released. The anime follows a unique storyline and is rated 18+. So, it can be pretty well understood that the executives are serious about the anime. After watching the trailer, the social media is flooded with comments about it being better than Chainsaw Man in visualization.

Dandadan’s Inception

Dandadan Manga

Dandadan is created by Yukinobu Tatsu. The manga began its serialization in April 2021 and is still ongoing. For the moment, the chapters can be divided into 11 volumes. The manga follows the Shonen manga and fantasy genre and has an 18+ rating due to the paranormal and adult scenes. Dandadan is published weekly on the Weekly Shonen Jump, and it can be found on Viz Media, also.


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People were getting impatient because the manga was not getting adapted into an anime, but after the trailer release, they could hardly contain their joy. Science Saru Studio will take care of the animation. Yukinobu Tatsu’s creation is published by Shueisha. The story of Momo Ayase and Okarun proving each other wrong follows a unique plot.

Momo Ayase in Dandadan trailer
Momo Ayase in Dandadan trailer

While Momo Ayase believes in ghosts, her classmate Okarun believes in aliens. In an attempt to prove themselves correct, they investigate places that have a rumor or association with ghosts and aliens. To their astonishment, they find that both aliens and ghosts exist. The trailer gave a sneak peek into their world, but it increased people’s hunger.


Fans’ React To Dandadan Trailer

Okarun in Dandadan trailer

The fans could not keep themselves quiet after watching Dandadan’s trailer. The trailer lasted a few seconds short of a minute. The first reaction that they had was that it was better than Chainsaw Man due to the awesome picture. For them, it was a visual treat.

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One of the fans said, “The Dandadan anime’s aesthetic is the perfect example of how Chainsaw Man should have looked rather than that MCU-tier color design it had.”


Another one said that they are excited to see how it turns out after its release. The comments kept on piling up, and few were on how disappointed people were regarding Chainsaw Man’s first episode.

For a few people the color palette matters. As a result, a group of people said that they hated Chainsaw Man’s color palette and believed it was soulless.

Dandadan has a lot to offer the fans. Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, etc., made 2023 a great year. Now, it is time for Yukinobu Tatsu’s magnum opus to make 2024 great. The official release date of the anime is yet to be announced.


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