Fans Beg Russo Brothers To Return To MCU After Anthony Mackie’s Captain America 4 Delay Makes People Jittery

After rumors of the delay of Captain America 4, fans seek comfort in the Russo Brothers.

fans beg russo brothers to return to mcu after anthony mackie’s captain america 4 delay makes people jittery


  • The Russo Brothers were definitely a blessing to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the duo directed the best movies of the franchise
  • With reports of Captain America 4 being delayed due to its action scenes not being as great as its prequels, fans ask Marvel to bring the duo back
  • The Russos directed The Winter Soldier that had the best action sequence between Cap and Bucky on the bridge, and fans want the same magic
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Russo Brothers’ films with the Marvel Cinematic Universe have turned almost legendary in status. First entering the franchise through Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they very quickly became favorites for the studio, perhaps due to the success that this film achieved, or because of how well they portrayed these characters on screen. After working on the second Captain America film, Joe and Anthony Russo ended up working on three other projects, which only happened to be the most important for the general story of the franchise, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.

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Russo Brothers Captain America Franchise
Russo Brothers’ Captain America: Civil War

These films are, arguably, some of the best and the most memorable to come out of this franchise, not only because of the direction, but also the performances, story, and most importantly, action sequences. With how immortalized, these two filmmakers have become for the franchise and the fans, it is understandable that they are desperate to find an opportunity to bring them back. A recent update on the upcoming, Captain America: Brave New World, has caused fans to beg the pair to come back, for the sake of making sure that this film, which is following up to a perfect trilogy, is not ruined.


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Is Captain America 4 Going To Fail In The Absence Of The Russo Brothers?

It was recently reported on Twitter that Anthony Mackie’s Captain America: Brave New World has been delayed. The reason for this is that Marvel Studios felt that the action sequences in the film were not adequate enough and weren’t as satisfying as the previous films. While this is extremely understandable considering the standard that was set by the previous films, especially Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Captain America: Civil War, many have started to raise their fingers at the director of this movie, Julius Onah.

Russo Brothers' The Winter Soldier elevator scene
Russo Brothers’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

While no one actually questions, the director’s capabilities, they are more concerned about whether this film will be able to meet the mark set by the Russo Brothers. Things that these two films were especially known for their attention-grabbing and beautifully choreographed action sequences. Considering the fact that this film has been delayed because the action sequences did not meet the studio’s expectations, has caused many to become extremely concerned.

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Fans Look For Comfort In The Russo Brothers

The Captain America franchise is one that has a very special place in the hearts of Marvel fans. This is evident in the reactions that they have had upon hearing this update. Many fans have become extremely concerned that this movie will lead to nothing but disappointment. One of the biggest reasons for the sentiment is the fact that they do not think that this movie will be able to top the five sequences from the previous sense, especially Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Russo Brothers' Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Russo Brothers’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The fight between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers where he first finds out that his childhood friend is the Winter Soldier is still fresh in the memories of the fans. Many would refer to this sequence as being perfect, as brought up under the post as well. Some are still begging Marvel to reconsider their choice of director, asking them to go back to the Russo Brothers, who did an excellent job on every project they were on.


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