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Fans Can’t Agree GTA 6 Launch Platforms and Worry They’ll Miss Out

Will GTA 6 offer the same treatment to all ninth generation consoles and PC?

Fans Can't Agree GTA 6 Launch Platforms and Worry They'll Miss Out


  • GTA 6's trailer will drop in early December.
  • Rockstar has been known to delay their releases for PC, but this time a leaker has also hinted that the game may release later for PC due to being buggy.
  • Will 'lesser' consoles be able to handle the first Grand Theft Auto offering in ten years?

GTA 6 has been announced by Rockstar officially and the trailer will come out in Early December as per the studio. The fans who had been waiting for the game and speculating when the trailer would release are on to the next speculation. That is, which platforms will GTA 6 be available on at launch?

Nowadays, most Video Game studios release the game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The release is concurrent, more often than not. However, Rockstar is one studio that has almost always released games later for the PC. That is precisely why, fans cannot agree and are speculating the platforms on which they will be able to enjoy Rockstar’s upcoming release.

Will GTA 6 Follow Rockstar’s Protocol and Not Release for PC at Launch?

Before GTA 6, GTA 5 was also released for PC later as compared to the consoles.
Before GTA 6, GTA 5 was also released for PC later as compared to the consoles.

As mentioned earlier, Rockstar is a studio known for delaying their releases on the PC. It has been a long while since any of their games were released on PC and consoles at the same time. Even before GTA 5, games like GTA 4 were delayed on PC. With the latter releasing almost 6 months later after the console release. GTA 4‘s expansions saw the same fate regarding their release on PC.

The only game in roughly the last 10 years that has come out for consoles and PC at the same time was Max Payne 3. GTA 5 was released almost 2 and a half years later for the PC. Red Dead Redemption 2 was released more than a year later. Red Dead Redemption is yet to be released for the PC.

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The reason why Rockstar insists on delaying their PC releases isn’t known for sure. The reason could be Piracy and how it hurts the sales of games. Rockstar always invests huge amounts into its games. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 are some of the most expensive games ever made. It is only natural for a company to focus on consoles because the avenues for Piracy on Consoles are much less profound. Another reason could be the optimization required for PCs.

Since PC is a platform without a fixed specification and everyone has a different build. It is necessary to ensure that the game is optimized to the best of the studio’s capability. If not, the sales for the PC are affected as most players cannot play the game without upgrading their entire setup. While all this is just speculation, the actual reason for the delay remains unknown.

It would be interesting to see if GTA 6, also follows the same trend because of the advent of technologies like DLSS, and AMD FSR for the PC. Most gamers can now enjoy better performance on the PC even if they do not have a very powerful setup. It comes at the cost of sacrificing visual fidelity.


GTA 6 on the Last Gen and PC? Leaker Has Bad News for PC Gamers

GTA 6's successor, GTA 5 came out in 2013.
GTA 6’s successor, GTA 5 came out in 2013.

When the leaks for GTA 6 happened in September 2022, it was evident that the game was going to be graphically demanding. Rockstar is still using their proprietary RAGE engine. But the capabilities of the current-gen hardware will most likely challenged by GTA 6,

While Rockstar Games is known to optimize their games very well for PC as well as console, despite the time delay for the former.

In hindsight, GTA 6 certainly looks like it is going to need some serious firepower from any platform’s hardware. All of this reduces the chance of the game launching for PS4 Xbox One S and Xbox One X. That is purely because of the previous generation’s lack of infrastructure.

On the off-chance it does release on the previous gen as a cross-gen bundle, it will most likely be toned down in terms of Level of Detail, textures, shadows, and overall graphical fidelity. The major source of revenue for Rockstar with GTA 6 will undoubtedly be the multiplayer mode like it is for GTA 6. The release for PC and other consoles may be affected by the way Rockstar approaches multiplayer this time. If it will be included at launch, the game may be launched for the previous gen to not deprive Rockstar Games of Revenue from previous generation console users.

Tez 2, an insider source who has revealed accurate information in the past stated the PC version is much more buggy and it may lead to a delayed reason on the platform. While leaks and sources who introduce leaks to the masses are somewhat reliable at times. It would be best to wait for Rocsktar Games’ official word when GTA 6′s trailer drops in early December. While fans may be getting restless for any information. The platforms on which GTA 6 will most likely be revealed in the trailer.

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