Fans Claim One Echo Scene is Proof Kingpin Bought the Avengers Tower – Industry Insider Reveals the Truth

A Marvel insider set the record straight about a fan claim that Kingpin bought The Avengers Tower in 'Echo'.

Fans Claim One Echo Scene is Proof Kingpin Bought the Avengers Tower - Industry Insider Reveals the Truth


  • The current crop of MCU shows and movies aren't as good as their previous iterations but 'Echo' tried to change that.
  • 'Echo' also holds the distinction of being the first-ever Marvel show to be rated TV-MA and features an intense story.
  • A Marvel insider cleared the air about a claim that Kingpin bought The Avengers Tower in 'Echo'.
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe once stood at the pinnacle of the film industry, particularly with the massive success of the Avengers films. Starting with 2008’s Iron Man, fans were captivated by the world made by the whole team. Even after Phase 4 ended, The Avengers are alive and well but not with all the original members. Now it appears a fan claimed that one particular scene from Echo is proof that Kingpin bought the Avengers Tower, only for the industry insider to reveal the reality.


The current crop of Marvel shows and movies don’t have the same edge or impact as the previous iterations, but they continue to churn out more and more shows – with Echo being the latest offer from Marvel Studios.

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Echo/Maya Lopez in Marvel's Echo

What Is Marvel’s Echo About?

Echo, starring Alaqua Cox, holds a special place among other Marvel shows because of the fact that it’s the first-ever Marvel show to have a TV-MA rating, as it will be displaying a lot of brutality and exposing the ugly underbelly of an organized crime circuit. It is clear that Daredevil inspired the show in a big way.

It is a five-episode miniseries that sheds light on the life of Maya Lopez, first introduced in Marvel’s Hawkeye. The series delves into Maya Lopez’s past and present by exploring her connection with her ancestors, which grants her supernatural powers. The central focus is on the conflict between Maya and her adoptive uncle, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, as she rekindles ties with her birth family.

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Maya Lopez being sad in this scene
Another scene from Echo

A Marvel Insider Addressed A Fan Claim That Kingpin Bought The Avengers Tower in Echo

Kingpin and Echo during an important scene
Kingpin and Echo

Echo is already upon us and the first episode has showcased what the series will be all about. One particular moment in the show featured Maya Lopez and Kingpin having a sit-down discussion face to face.

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Kingpin used new technology to talk to Lopez, who is deaf. A fan took to Twitter and commented on the scene, suggesting that Kingpin might have just bought the Avengers Tower while looking at the technology he used. A Marvel insider also took to Twitter and decided to rain on his parade by making it clear that Kingpin did not actually purchase the Avengers Tower.

Echo, streaming on Disney+.


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