“No fighting games at all?”: Fans Left Disappointed With IESF eSports Lineup

Fan of Tekken and Street Fighter? Here's some bad news for competitive players.



  • IESF announced five titles, with over 130 countries participating in the competitive series of events.
  • Even though the titles cover a huge range of genres, fighting games haven't made it to the list at all.
  • The community isn't particularly happy about this announcement, given how popular games like Tekken and Street Fighter won't be making it.
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IESF stands as one of the most recognized organizers of eSports games, hosting a worthy tournament for some of your favorite eSports titles. This includes shooters, MOBAs, battle royales, and everything in between. However, this time around, the list of titles may have upset an entire fanbase of gamers who love fighting games.


Among the list of titles announced by IESF, there seems to be none that fit into a street brawler or fighter that fans would have otherwise loved to see and be a part of. The response to this has left the community a little disheartened, while others are seemingly excited to see how the approved titles do.

IESF Mentions All the Great Titles Belonging to Popular Genres of Gaming

Many popular titles have made it to the list, except for fighting games.
Many popular titles have made it to the list, except for fighting games.

In a tweet recently, the International Esports Federation listed out the titles that will be part of the line-up.


With more than 130 registered countries as participants, the five major eSports games will be part of the mix:

  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike 2
  • eFootball™ series
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Furthermore, this time, CS2’s inclusion of an exclusive female player base has been kept in mind to improve diversity across the board. Despite the improvements and changes in certain things, fans of fighting games are perhaps the least happy bunch hearing about IESF’s announcement.

It looks like even with the large participating player pool, games like Tekken and Street Fighter won’t see the light of day in a major chunk of the competitive community. The social media response, particularly on Twitter, isn’t too positive with this, and many are calling it one of the worst decisions taken in recent times.


The Spirit May Be Strong, but the Execution Doesn’t Seem to Include Players From All Genres

Fans of fighting games are upset over this decision.
Fans of fighting games are upset over this decision.

On the official website, there’s information about the event overall, which has different titles, but one particular paragraph stands out.

The President of the International Esports Federation has commented:

The upcoming World Esports Championship will manifest the incredible growth and global impact of competitive gaming. It is a thrilling opportunity for us to showcase the current state of the organization and celebrate the spirit of competition that unites gamers from around the world.

This may seem like a statement with strong values, but the exclusion of fighting games from any tournament seems like a step backward. After all, much of the competitive community has mastered games belonging to different genres, and it may be unfair to many who were looking to participate.


While there’s no official word about how the authorities involved will respond to this, the social media response to the announcement seems nothing short of disappointing. What do you think about this decision? Let us know in the comments below.


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