Fans Not Happy as DC Kills Major Queer Character in Pride Month

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After the death of the Justice League, The Dark Crisis has finally gone face to face with the first casualty that could be a big mistake, especially killing a queer character. The Dark Crisis is an ongoing event happening in the DC Universe. The series by Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sanchez, and Tom Napolitano was published on 7 June 2022.

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The Dark Crisis
The Dark Crisis by DC Universe

What Happened To The Queer Character Of The Dark Crisis

Queer Character killed in The Dark Crisis
Queer Character Killed in The Dark Crisis

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The Dark Crisis #1 exhibits the character who is the youngest of the new generation of Teen Titans Chupacabra, being assaulted by Deathstroke’s forces. In the first issue, Chupacabra shows up severely beaten and wounded, where Nightwing rushes to help and discovers that a bomb strapped to the young student detonated along with multiple explosions carried out against the building.


Although, it’s yet to be confirmed whether the detonation killed Chupacabra who canonically identifies as queer. Though the world has come quite far from the days when being gay was a criminal offence but the discrimination and hatred directed towards the LGBTQIA+ community still exists. There are still some who would be willing to attack a person for not being heterosexual, targeting them out of nowhere.

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Our Young Hero Chupacabra was targeted by the Secret Society led by Deathstroke. They let him go, after brutally beating him which ended up him barely walking back to his home. Even after their harsh treatment, they didn’t want to let him go. He stumbled into Titan Tower to seek medical help but didn’t realize that they had strapped a bomb to him.

For him to be killed or assaulted during pride month goes against pride month which is supposed to be about: a celebration of love and acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community.


Is Chupacabra Alive?

DC's Queer Character Chupacabra
DC’s Queer Character Chupacabra

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This is a fact that June is celebrated as Pride Month which means DC didn’t have any idea about the issue coinciding with the month which means that killing the young titan was not intentional (at least not during the pride month.) That being said, it’s still not revealed whether our young hero died or not, it was only shown that the bomb went off. If Nightwing survived into the next issue, it would be possible that Chupacabra might also survive though we cannot say that for sure.

If the queer character dies in the issue, that would make things quite difficult for DC as they would leave a bad impression on the month which they intended to celebrate.

Do you think that the youngest titan and queer character Chupacabra will return to The Dark Crisis?


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