Biggest, Baddest, Most Hard-Hitting DC Comics Plot Twists That Put Shyamalan Movies To Shame

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The DC Universe is home to some earth shattering DC Comics plot twists. Some of these DC Comics plot twists put heavyweights like M Night Shyamalan movie twists to shame.


Watchmen – It Was Ozymandias All Along


A deeply engrossing social commentary set in a world of dangerous vigilantes and superheroes, it is quite easy to fall in love with Alan Moore;’s Watchmen. After a string of murders catches the eyes of the world’s foremost heroes, the investigation leads to a much larger conspiracy. When it was revealed that Adrian Veidt was the Comedian’s killer and everything was his doing, it felt like the ground beneath our feet had slipped away. Ozymandias was the mastermind that had managed to blind us all. But there was another twist. When Veidt realizes later that all the pains he took to unify the world went in vain, Doctor Manhattan was quick to point out: “Nothing Ends, Adrian. Nothing Ever Ends.”

JLA: Tower Of Babel – Batman Has Plans To Kill The Entire Justice League

Tower Of Babel

Historically speaking, Batman was been the most street-smart and the most paranoid of all superheroes. He has a plan for every occasion. In JLA: Tower Of Babel, we realize just how far he is willing to be driven by his paranoia. The comic book arc reveals batman has failsafe plans to take down his own Justice League allies, if need be. While he had kept those contingencies a secret unless required, Ra’ Al Ghul caught wind and used Batman’s plans to almost kill the entire League.


Batman: The Long Halloween – The Identity Of the Elusive Holiday Killer

The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween put a great emphasis on Batman’s detective skills. Batman did not just need to dodge bullets and punch tough bad guys in the face. He also had to use his brains to get to the bottom of his investigation. A mysterious killer had been killing important members of the Gotham Elite and Batman needs to catch this person before it is too late. The killer turns out to be someone everyone thought had already died. It was Alberto falcone, son of mob boss Carmine Falcone. The identity of the killer was one of the best DC Comics plot twists of all time.

Infinite Crisis – A Surprise Reveal Of The Narrators Of The Issue

Infinite Crisis

In Infinite Crisis, the Justice league watchtower in now a pile of debris. The planet is now caught under assault by several extra-terrestrial forces. The holy trinity of DC Comics are now fighting amongst each other. The surprise twist came in the very first issue of the series. The narrators of the first issue of Infinite Crisis turned out to be none other than Lois Lane, Alexander luthor, Superboy, and Superman breaking their world’s reality to ask for help from the mainstream DC universe heroes.

Brightest Day – The Astonishing Debut Of Many Heroes


In Brightest Day, 12 heroes and villains who were previously deceased are brought back to life. Now they must find out the reason for their resurrection before time runs out. The twist does not come at the end but at the very beginning of the arc. There are some surprises in store for DC fans in this arc. DC Comics plot twists do not get any better than this. Among the many heroes that were resurrected were Swamp Thing and John Constantine, who only featured in standalones before then.

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special – The Anti-Monitor Is A Yellow Lantern


The Anti-Monitor is the evil sibling of the Monitor who intends to destroy the universe using the Anti-Matter universe. After he was defeated in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, everyone thought the Anti-Monitor was done for good. In the late 2000s, Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special reveals Sinestro has created the Yellow Lantern Corps under the leadership of the Anti-Monitor, who now features a Yellow power ring. That was a mother of all DC Comics plot twists.


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