5 Reasons Superman & Batman Are The Best Superhero Bromance EVER!

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Two of the most influential characters of all time have had a love-hate relationship for three-quarters of a century now. Though they are diametrically opposed in personality, worldview, and aesthetics, they share the experience of being orphaned at an early age, dealing with loss, and rejection. Here are 5 reasons why Superman and Batman are the greatest superhero bromance ever!


1. They fight, but have the same goals:


Batman and Superman come from diverse origins, and their personal experiences have impacted their perspectives on the universe. Superman believes that optimism and leading by example are the only ways to bring criminals to justice, while Batman believes that fear and intimidation are foolproof methods to bring them to justice. They squabble and battle over each other’s ways when they both want the same thing: a better, crime-free world, though neither of them will confess it.


2. Their mothers share the same name (That’s right! Bwahahahaha!!! )

Superman and Batman fighting each other
Superman and Batman attacking each other.

When Superman is on the edge of death at the hands of Batman, Clark mentions the one thing that will put a stop to the attack: the fact that Superman’s mother shares the same name as his mother. This wasn’t a plot device for the film. Both Superman and Batman’s moms are named Martha, and this commonality brings them closer together. Interestingly, the fact that their moms have the same name was never meant to be a cornerstone of their friendship.

3. They go on double dates together

Superman and Batman with Selina Kyle and Lois Lane.
Superman, Batman, Selina Kyle and Lois Lane.

Batman and Superman going on double dates is one of the strangest events to emerge from the contemporary period of self-awareness in comics. In Batman: Rebirth comics, which spans his courtship of Selina Kyle and eventual engagement, they go to a street carnival and meet up with Superman and Lois Lane. Because everyone had to be dressed up to attend, Superman dons Batman’s super suit and Batman dons Superman’s for some role-reversing fun. They all talk about what it’s like to battle crime and save the world as if it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

4. Superman was Batman’s Best Man

Bruce Wayne at Batman-Catwoman's Wedding.
Superman at Batman-Catwoman’s Wedding.

When it came time for Batman to choose the best man after becoming engaged to Selina Kyle, he picked Superman. I mean, sure they spent a lot of time together during the course of Batman: Rebirth. While it’s not surprising that he chose him, he preferred him over his previous sidekick and original Robin, Dick Grayson. This demonstrates Superman and Batman’s friendship and mutual respect for one another.


5. Batman gives Superman the run of the Bat Cave

Superman in the Bat Cave.
Superman in the Bat Cave.

Despite his reservations about the Last Son of Krypton’s abilities and motives on Earth, Batman has previously granted Superman access to the Bat Cave. The Man of Steel is free to come and go as he sees fit, and he does not need permission to do so. Given Batman’s paranoid character, this doesn’t entirely make sense, especially since Superman and Batman’s enemies aren’t mutually exclusive. The Joker and Lex Luthor have been known to work together on occasion. They could capture two for the price of one if they could track one to the other’s headquarters.


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