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What Happened To Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing In Batman Beyond?

Batman Beyond was first aired in 1999. The series was all about a younger version of Batman under the tutelage of an elderly Bruce Wayne in a futuristic Gotham City. Since it is about a younger version of Batman, the series was appreciated for focusing on issues that plagued teenagers. These included peer pressure, substance abuse, school violence, child abuse, and neglect. Moreover, it was the first series to portray the hero as a teenager. In the series, one character is shown as a close associate of Batman. Who is he? What happened to him? Check it out:

Dick Grayson's fate in Batman Beyond
Dick Grayson’s fate in Batman Beyond

Who Was Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing In Batman Beyond?

Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing
Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing

In the series Batman Beyond, Dick Grayson was the one who was a close associate of Batman and even helped him in his mission. For his roles as Dick Grayson, Nightwing, Robin, and even Batman, everybody loves him. But what happened to Dick Grayson? Not much is shown about him in the series Batman Beyond. However, thankfully we have comics that got him two different fates!

According To Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond:

Fate of Dick Grayson revealed in Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond
Fate of Dick Grayson revealed in Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond

Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond revealed his first fate. He was a joyous and more hopeful character in Batman’s life. Batman and Dick work together when the Joker kidnaps Alfred. Unfortunately, the mission wasn’t in favor of Dick and it caused him serious harm. The Joker severely wounded him with a bullet in his spin and eye. This left him paralyzed for so long that he eventually retired as the Nightwing. Moreover, Batman didn’t attend Dick and simply ran after The Joker.

Years later, the older Dick and Terry’s Batman meet to solve the issue of “Hush”. However, it turned out that the new villain was a clone of Dick Grayson created by Amanda Waller from the DNA collected from Nightwing’s last tragic outing. She said she created this so that he can be the new Batman if in case, something happens to the real one. However, he turned hostile and everything went against the plan. The clone looked exactly like Dick. The only difference was that he looked younger and had no right eye patch! Once the case was resolved, Dick and Batman were in talking terms again.

According To Future Ends Timeline:

Batman Beyond fate of Dick Grayson in the Futures End timeline
Batman Beyond fate of Dick Grayson in the Futures End timeline

Another Batman Beyond fate of Dick Grayson takes place in the Future Ends timeline. It is a happier and better one as compared to Hush Beyond’s. In this, there’s no bad blood between Dick and Bruce. Blüdhaven’s protector now is the mayor and has a daughter named Elainna. He tries his best to keep her away from the life he led. However, looks like it isn’t in his control. She eventually becomes Batwoman Beyond. However, in the end, he supported his daughter’s decision. Moreover, he even gave her a high-tec suit to wear.

Even though he was the mayor of Blüdhaven, he couldn’t stop himself from being the hero he was from within. He helped the Bat-Family to stop the League of Assassins to destroy all life on Earth. Once a hero, always a hero!

Both the fates are extremely different, one being traumatizing, the other being full of life and happiness and of course brave acts. However, both the fates stay true to the Batman mythos in their own ways!