Fans Think Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 Tweet has Given Away the Location

Eagle-eyed fans work out GTA 6 location.


  • Rockstar Games announces GTA 6 trailer release date and time on X/Twitter.
  • Fans have already figured out the location of the game based on the image shared in the tweet.
  • GTA 6 trailer drops on December 5 at 9 M ET.
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Grand Theft Auto fans have been waiting for an official announcement about GTA 6 from Rockstar Games and Rockstar said last month that it will drop the first trailer for the game in early December. It has finally revealed the date and time for the highly awaited trailer for GTA 6. Rockstar shared the trailer drop date update on X, formerly Twitter and fans think that it has given away the location.


Fans Have Already Worked Out GTA 6 Location After Rockstar Games Announces Trailer Date

GTA fans think Rockstar Games has revealed the location for GTA 6.
GTA fans think Rockstar Games has revealed the location for GTA 6.

Last month Rockstar Games stated that the first trailer for the next GTA game would be dropping in early December and fans were pumped to finally get some official update from the developer on the game after years of teasing and plethora of leaks. Rockstar Games took to X/Twitter today and announced the release date for GTA 6 “Trailer 1.” Players will get the first look on Tuesday, December 5 at 9 AM ET.

Rockstar confirmed the ‘trailer 1‘ release date via a tweet with a picture probably hinting at the themes and setting of the game and fans seem to have already worked the location where the game will be set. Based on the details in the picture shared by the developer, fans think that the game will be set in Vice City, complimenting what the leaks have been suggesting about the game’s settings.


The picture shared in the tweet has soft tones with a purple sunset background, palm trees, and birds flying in the clear sky. Eagle-eyed Grand Theft Auto fans would have easily spotted that the picture is very similar to the imagery in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Fans could not stay calm with all the happiness at once and took to X/Twitter to share their excitement. One Grand Theft Auto fan stated:

FIRST LOOK at GTA 6 on Tuesday, December 5th! WELCOME BACK TO VICE CITY.

Another fan added:

The first GTA6 trailer is coming December 5th at 9 AM according to Rockstar in a new teaser…It all but confirms that Vice City is making a return!! I cannot wait man.

Another fan further stated:


No way it’s actually GTA 6. Palm Trees are telling me Vice City I think. Freakin pumped.

There have been several rumors circulating all over the internet the next GTA game will be set in Vice City from GTA: Vice City and leave behind San Andreas and Los Santos. Players have loved Vice City and would be thrilled to see it back in GTA 6. It has also been rumored that the game will feature two main locations Vice City and Port Gellhorn.

Several familiar locations from Vice City would be coming to the game such as Malibu Club, Leaf Links, Ocean Beach, Little Haiti, and more. Although it is highly unlikely that Grand Theft Auto fans do not know about this, for those unaware Vice City is Rockstar’s take on Miami. GTA 6‘s open world is said to be much bigger and better than any GTA titles so it will be more interactive.

Fans think GTA 6 will be set in Vice City based on the image in the trailer release day tweet.
Fans think GTA 6 will be set in Vice City based on the image in the trailer release day tweet.

Fans have waited nearly a decade for Grand Theft Auto 6 which might be the biggest game in the acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series and the trailer release date has got the fans pumped up. Several leaks and rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 have given fans a brief idea about what the game could bring and how would it make the experience better than Grand Theft Auto 5.


Some major leaks include the presence of two protagonists, male and female who are said to be inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. Police AI and Wanted System are also rumored to get a massive overhaul and the weapon wheel will also be redesigned. However, the speculations can come to an end soon as Rockstar Games releases the first trailer on December 5.

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