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‘Prime example why you should hire voice actors because WTH’: Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice Gets No Takers as MCU Star Gets Trolled For ‘Lack of Trying’

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Chris Pratt, infamously known for playing the role of Star-Lord, a happy-go-lucky space pirate with the blood of a god running through his veins in the MCU, is no stranger to hard work and dedication while putting on a role that he is assigned.

Super Mario Bros.
Mario having fun with his iconic companions of The Super Mario Bros.

From getting jacked to play the Guardians Of The Galaxy, to maintaining that shape in the Jurassic World series and honing his voice-acting skills to be featured in Disney’s Onward, his skills have never let anyone down, ever!

But as they say, there is a first time for everything, and the recent launch of The Super Mario Bros. movie trailer may be the first time that Pratt’s skills might’ve failed to land fans’ expectations.

What’s The Commotion About?

With the recent trailer reveal of the upcoming The Super Mario Bros. movie, fans were left with mixed feelings, mostly feelings of disappointment as they hear their favorite virtual plumber being voiced by the Guardians Of The Galaxy star. There was speculation as to what type of voice Pratt would display for the character and if Chris Pratt would attempt the iconic Italian accent. Although the trailer only featured a small amount of Mario’s voice, it appears as though Pratt is taking the character in a “different” direction.

Fans are not happy with Pratt’s voice in the trailer

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Mario’s voice is an immediately recognizable part of pop culture. Therefore, to have changed it so dramatically for the movie in favor of an accent that sounds almost identical to Pratt’s own voice (as well as other voiceover roles he’s had in the past) feels like it could be a potentially dangerous misstep that may alienate an already skeptical fanbase.

And just to substantiate these fears, the netizens of Twitter have started chirping, giving their varying opinions (mostly negative) about how Chris Pratt would’ve been better off being replaced by a voice actor who “actually cared” about the role.

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Hilarious fan reactions to Chris Pratt’s voice in Mario

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It’s almost sad to see how fans react to Chris Pratt’s performance in one of the highly anticipated upcoming movies. And given the over-the-top nature of other characters in the Mushroom Kingdom, Chris Pratt’s relatively lacking Mario voice has been understandably criticized. If The Super Mario Bros. movie is to have success, it will need Pratt to buy in and fully commit to the overall tone of the project.

The Super Mario Bros. will hit cinemas on April 7, 2023.

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