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“Far better movie than Dr Strange 2 and Thor 4”: Black Adam Unanimously Hailed by DC Fans as Far Better Than Anything Marvel Has Put Out This Year

Black Adam rectifies MCU's 2022 disappointments

This article contains spoilers for Black Adam

Black Adam‘s unprecedented rise to its accorded glory was a work of excellent promotion. The story about the DC Extended Universe changing its hierarchy was one entirely dependant on what The Rock could influence when it came to the dissembled power structure. On the other end, the visible lack of effort and years of neglect on behalf of DC Films and Warner Bros. when it came to fan appeasement soured the latter’s opinions.

With The Rock now making it a point to “always listen to the audience”, DCEU fans who were swarming in the underbelly of discontent and frustration are now rearing their heads up once more to have a peek at the 5-second clip of Henry Cavill re-entering the atmosphere in a fiery blaze.

Black Adam
Black Adam (2022)

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Why Black Adam is a Case Study of Franchise Successes

It’s no secret that DC has had an unlikely sine graph of rise and fall in the years since its cinematic advent. With the 70s and 80s delivering Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton and the 90s bringing the animated classics, it seemed that the turn of the century would be ushering in another era of DC uprising. But only Christopher Nolan managed to achieve a masterpiece in his standalone Dark Knight trilogy.

Black Adam
Black Adam delivers an action-driven plot amid a mediocre storyline

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After a controversial decade embroiled in a war over the SnyderVerse and a complete restructuring of WB, Black Adam descends on stable ground that has years of future planning on hand and a vision for what’s to come.

It comes as no surprise then that The Rock‘s movie debuted amid howls and hoots before erupting into complete chaos once the post-credit scene appeared with Henry Cavill in tow. Black Adam‘s success is a remarkable display of how the audience opinion can shift over the course of a couple of months despite years of bad blood, if the right strategies are put in place.

Black Adam v Superman
Black Adam gears up for a future clash with Superman in DCEU

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Black Adam‘s DCEU Debut Overtakes MCU’s 2022 Success

The Marvel Cinematic Universe on the other hand has had a steady rise and a success rate that remains undefeated and unfettered in the face of socio-economic changes. With a fanbase that’s loyal and steadfast throughout it’s tenure, it seemed unfavorable for them to start growing restless after being treated to blockbuster projects for well over a decade.

But Phase 4 took creative liberties in situations where it was not only unnecessary but unwise. The result: Thor: Love and Thunder and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The overall success that the MCU has had in 2022 falls short of what Black Adam singlehandedly achieved after years of bad faith on the part of DC. And the fans have lots to say about that.

Black Adam has not merely brought out the fans but given them something to expect and hope for when it comes to the future of the DC franchise. It has been too long since the Zack Snyder fiasco and considering that a Man of Steel 2 is currently in talks at the WB and DC Films headquarters, the fans may soon receive an announcement regarding the film’s official status followed swiftly by a hunt for the director. At long last, Henry Cavill is officially back as the Man of Steel.

Black Adam is currently playing in theatres worldwide.

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Written by Diya Majumdar

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