“Fassbender was mad”: Mindy Kaling Left X-Men and MCU Stars Heartbroken By Turning Down 12 Years a Slave?

On Andy Cohen's show, Mindy Kaling jokingly said her television career is what stopping her from ruling Hollywood.

“Fassbender was mad”: Mindy Kaling Left X-Men and MCU Stars Heartbroken By Turning Down 12 Years a Slave?


  • In a hilarious chat with Andy Cohen, Mindy Kaling claimed that her love for television was the only thing keeping her her from taking over Hollywood.
  • Kaling joked about declining 12 Years a Slave for the sake of her successful television career.
  • Fans also ended up missing out on seeing her as Lillian in Bridesmaids, despite Kaling auditioning for the same.
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Mindy Kaling is the ultimate multitasker, donning various hats at different times. Be it writing, acting, directing, or producing, she’s the whole entertainment package! Although she wears her love for writing on her sleeve, her television acting career is also quite successful.

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In a hilarious chat with Andy Cohen, she quipped about her love for writing for television being the only thing preventing her from taking over the world of cinema. She hilariously dished about the big-ticket films she had to ‘turn down’, all in the name of her love for TV Shows.

Mindy Kaling The Office
Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor in The Office

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Television Is the Only Thing Keeping Mindy Kaling From Hollywood Domination!

Mindy Kaling’s exceptional acting talent was evident from her role in The Office alongside her impressive writing skills. Despite her numerous acting projects since then, fans still yearn for more, especially in the movies. During an episode of Watch What Happens Live!, (via US Magazine) when discussing her acting journey, she humorously remarked that if she hadn’t been so devoted to writing and creating shows, she might have been an unstoppable force in the movie industry. Thus, when Andy Cohen asked,


“I have to assume that your writing career and acting on TV is kind of holding you back from what I’m sure will be a major film career. Do you have to turn a lot of stuff down?”

Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project (2012-2017)
Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project (2012-2017)

She jokingly replied,

“A lot of searing dramas like 12 Years a Slave–I can’t do it, tell Lupita [Nyong’o]. [Michael] Fassbender was mad.”

Even though she was clearly joking, there remains an iconic movie that fans find hard to believe she nearly became a part of.


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Mindy Kaling Almost Starred in This Iconic Film!

Fans missed out on seeing Kaling as Lillian in Bridesmaids. In the same interview with Andy Cohen, she revealed that she was actually considered for the role that was later played by Maya Rudolph in this iconic film. She revealed despite putting forth her utmost effort, she failed to secure the part she was so excited for. She revealed,


 “No one ever calls me in to audition for things because I’m so specific. Actually, you know what it was — Bridesmaids, which I loved. They called me in for Maya Rudolph’s part, and I practiced it so much and I was so into it, and I love that whole cast. That one was a heartbreaker.”


Even with her soaring success in her career, she considered this particular incident a heartbreaker. Fans, upon learning about this revelation, were taken aback and couldn’t resist contemplating the endless “what ifs” surrounding the situation.

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