Fast X Director Calls Disturbing Jason Momoa Dante Scene “Insanity”, Reveals it Infuriated Viewers

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Within the portrayal of Dante Reyes, the formidable antagonist portrayed by Jason Momoa in Fast X, numerous scenes emanate an unmistakable aura, dispelling any notion of a run-of-the-mill villain. The character’s designation as the franchise’s “final boss” elicits a disquieting sensation, as if he possesses an intangible quality that sets him apart. 

Jason Momoa in Fast X
Jason Momoa in Fast X

However, one scene surprisingly made it into the final cut against director Louis Leterrier’s initial expectations, evoking a divided response from test audiences, becoming a love-it-or-hate-it moment. Its inclusion challenges viewers, fueling polarizing reactions and adding an unexpected layer of complexity to the film’s narrative.

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Why Did The Director Keep The Jason Momoa Scene 

In the scene that stirred discussions, Jason Momoa’s character engages in a conversation while meticulously painting the toenails of two deceased henchmen—a twisted tableau that initially gave director Louis Leterrier pause, doubting its suitability for the final film. Despite some questionable responses from the test audience, Leterrier disclosed to The Hollywood Reporter that the studio expressed contentment with its inclusion. 

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While the director held reservations, the studio’s endorsement prevailed, allowing this unsettling moment to find its place within the larger tapestry of the story, leaving audiences to grapple with its peculiar and discomforting presence. 

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa

“We wanted to see Dante behind closed doors and realize that he is really twisted. It’s not just an act, so we shot that scene, but we thought it would be a DVD extra at best or in the director’s cut version later down the road. Some [test audiences] were angry and some loved it. And frankly, it was the studio’s Donna Langley who watched the scene and said, ‘I love it. I love the insanity of that scene.’ And so she gave us the OK.”

A unanimous consensus emerges when it comes to Jason Momoa’s presence in the movie—the more, the merrier. Therefore, it appears that the deliberate choice to incorporate the scene featuring Momoa can only be viewed as a beneficial addition to the film. 

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Jason Momoa Outshines Everyone In Fast X

With ten movies under its belt, boasting a mostly consistent ensemble cast, one might assume that joining the franchise at its eleventh hour would pose a daunting challenge, leaving a lasting impression challenging. However, Jason Momoa effortlessly defies such expectations in Fast X

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes in Fast X

Even among critics who seemingly harbor disdain for every aspect of the film, it is difficult to ignore the fact that Momoa’s performance has taken everyone by surprise, delivering what is arguably one of the finest and most theatrical portrayals of his career. Regardless of their overall stance, few can deny the captivating allure and commanding presence that Momoa brings to his role, leaving an indelible mark on the film’s narrative.

Jason Momoa’s venture into the realm of villainy has seemingly unlocked many possibilities for his future career. While skeptics argue that playing an exaggerated and fantastical antagonist in a larger-than-life film like Fast X may be simplistic, numerous performances throughout cinema history defy such assumptions. Momoa’s departure from his usual heroic roles demonstrates his potential to explore diverse and captivating characters in the future. 

Fast X is currently running in theaters and will soon be available for streaming online.

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