“F*ck Wolverine”: Every Time Ryan Reynolds Caught Us Off Guard by Dragging Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine into Deadpool Franchise

Ryan Reynolds poked fun at Hugh Jackman's Wolverine countless times in the first two Deadpool films

"F*ck Wolverine": Every Time Ryan Reynolds Caught Us Off Guard by Dragging Hugh Jackman's Wolverine into Deadpool Franchise


  • Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will share screen in Deadpool 3 with Jackman reprising his iconic role.
  • Reynolds brutally mocked Jackman's Wolverine and his death in the opening scene of Deadpool 2.
  • Reynolds has caught viewers by surprise with hilarious references to Wolverine in several scenes of the first Deadpool film.
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Ryan Reynolds’ turn as Wade Wilson / Deadpool has received critical acclaim thanks to the character’s unique brand of humor. A mainstay of the Deadpool franchise is the titular character’s habit of making fun of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. While the duo will share the screen in the upcoming Deadpool 3, there have been several humorous references to Wolverine in the previous films.

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds has not missed a chance to poke fun at Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and some of these scenes are comedic gold. Moreover, these funny references become even more poignant since Deadpool first appeared on screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Here are some of the best and funniest references to Wolverine in Deadpool films.

Ryan Reynolds Mocked Wolverine’s Death at the Start of Deadpool 2

With Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds proved he was born to play the character similar to how Hugh Jackman is synonymous with the role of Wolverine. However, just as Reynolds was gaining steam as the Merc With a Mouth, Jackman’s stint as Wolverine ended with 2017’s Logan, where his character received a heartwarming ending.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds mocked Wolverine in Deadpool 2.

However, in 2018’s Deadpool 2, Reynolds mocked the demise of Jackman’s character. In the film’s opening scene, Deadpool is convinced that Wolverine copied his R-rating idea and died in the film to one-up him.

“F*** Wolverine. First, he rides my coat tails with the R-Rating. Then the hairy motherf***er ups the ante by dying. What a d**k. Well, guess what Wolverine? I’m dying in this one too.”

Deadpool vehemently states the above lines as he sets up a time bomb with a replica of Wolverine’s dead body attached to a music box. The time bomb then sets off, seemingly killing Deadpool, in what is one of the funniest opening scenes in a superhero film and the most hilarious reference to Jackman’s Wolverine.

Reynolds’ Wade Wilson / Deadpool Ribbed on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Several Times

The opening scene of Deadpool 2 wasn’t the only time Reynolds poked fun at Jackman’s character. In the same film, the mid-credits scene sees Deadpool use Cable’s time-traveling device to kill the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of himself. The scene also features Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine appearing via archive footage and pays off the opening scene where Deadpool claims he will die in the film.

Wolverine will again join the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool 3.
Wolverine and Deadpool will appear together in Deadpool 3.

Similarly, the references and callbacks stretch back to the first film. In Deadpool, Reynolds’ character explains how he got his own film. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and references an incident where he blew up someone whose name rhymes with “Pulverine.” He then takes things further by imitating an Australian accent, clearly mocking Jackman.

The closing moments of the film also see Deadpool unmasking himself in front of Vanessa. However, underneath his mask, he is wearing a Hugh Jackman mask. Thus, Reynolds has a history of catching viewers off guard with hilarious Wolverine references that highlight and emulate the prickly relationship the characters share in the comics.

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